Valentine’s Day

Camps Bay

I wanted to share this post on Valentine’s day, but my week is quite busy. Well, it is the month of Love so I will be sharing it anyway.

My View

For some reason I do not like celebrating this day with gifts ect. I have a husband who literally makes each and everyday a day of love. He is so affectionate, kind, loving and Crazy Lol But he always makes sure I feel loved and cared for each and every day.

He knows I do not want him to buy me gifts on this day but, he still does…

I think I feel this way because he already do so much for me. He buy my clothes, shoes, make up, fitness magazines, cellulite creams, and on top of that he helps with Everything In the house. He is a awesome cook, yum yum I can’t get enough of his food. 

To wrap it all together, God blessed me with a great man.

I still can’t really say why I do not want to celebrate this day, and even though I am thankful for the gifts from him and my little boy, I still feel the same. PS: I got them gifts too…

So, my view… It’s a day of great memories and got a beautiful meaning to it. I do not dislike or hate it, I just don’t feel like celebrating it.


I am actually glad there are such days, because not everyone is blessed with a passionate, loving, romantic partner. So, these days will be the days they are looking forward to, as that’s the only time their partner will show affection.

I hope everyone will enjoy the month of love, and let’s try our Best to show how much we love each other each and everyday. Because life is so short, let’s share the love while we are still alive and together on earth.

Keep Well and Stay Awesome

Regular exercise keeps weight gain away

I’ve been trying a lot of methods of diets before. I must say, ever since I started to follow regular exercises and balancing what I eat, it’s been a success. Yes, regular exercise helps keeping weight off. I try to do it 3-4times a week. Cardio, bodyweight, metabolism and strength workouts. It’s very important to balance the types of exercise.

When you exercise, your body asks for nutritional foods. There is really no satisfaction when you try a take away Burger, a soda, sweets… You can name them. I personally, sometimes use to sip on my husband’s soda, and it actually tastes yach..meaning, I can taste the sugars and unhealthines. I do not desire any take out foods. PS: but my biltong and drywors once a month I want lol

Since last year January I maintained a perfect weight. I just see improvement. I love it and want to encourage everyone, just stay active. It doesn’t have to be a gym, take on parks, beaches ect. It is fun, fit and healthy!

  • Let’s do it for the love of Health 

Happy Child Happy Mom

Happy Not Spoiled

I will always do everything in my power to see that my son is Happy and feel loved.

Every choice I make, I always take in consideration how it will have an affect on my son and family. 

I so badly want to leave my job and start from scratch with my business, do my studies full time. But, I can’t. At the moment things are going well, we are doing good and improvement is there no matter how slow. So, in this circumstances of being unhappy at my job, I need to make things work around it. 

We live close to my Son’s school, I’ve changed my shift from 07:30 to 16:10 in order for me to take my son to school, not too early but 10minutes before school starts.

Since last week, we got a notice our lease are not renewed!!  Oh my hat!! As we on a house hunt or flat, I am getting more stressed and panick. The places either to far or too small. And through all if this I am just thinking of my lil boo 

Yes, sometimes change is good and needed. I do not believe in putting myself in unnecessary uncomfortable situations. I left our predicament in God’s hands, he always look after his children. We looked at a very nice house yesterday, in fact, Perfect. But the area is not what I am use to, I didn’t feel save outside but the inside awesome… Is it enough though?? I am not prepared to put ourselves in danger.

I remember one day we took a drive to Sea Point, taking our boy out for the day. For some reason my husband and I had a fight. He decided not to go anymore, and guess what this scared and fearful mom did.. She drove lol I did not know how or where, but I thought in my mind, I am not going to disappoint my child because two adults are being “stupid” (a word my son believe is swearing)

We get up early in the mornings, so that everything can go smoothly. We want our son to wake up with us kissing and singing him awake everyday. And it works. He go to school knowing his family is happy. When I discipline him, or help him right I always make him understand it’s because I love him, and I need him to understand when he is wrong and to accept being disciplined and learn from his mistakes.

Sometimes I feel I fail as a mommy in certain areas, but I make sure my child is happy, loved  and cared for.

My Mom

I love my mom however, we never had a very close relationship. I grew up at my grandparents. My mom and I use to fight alot when I was younger. I was always angry at her for not always being there for me. I never wanted kids because I was too afraid of making the same mistakes. But I’ve decided to learn from hers.

But as I grew older, I started to realise I can’t punish her for her mistakes. In her weaknesses she still tried, even if I felt she should’ve done more. She did good, she taught me to be a strong woman and to never want to be like the world. I am so grateful for what she did, what she could.

Today I can help her where I can, I prayed a lot about my grudge feelings and hurt. God helped me to overcome it. She us my mom and I will not change her for anything.

Let’s keep iur children happy, even when can’t give them anything. We can always give them Love. Let us not leave them with grudge feelings, hurt and pain. But let them always remember we tried our best.

Let’s Do Health!

I am happy with my progress #fitmomathome

Balancing @Tygerfalls

I want to start off by saying hello to everyone.

I think I am one of the most inactively bloggers. I am working on it though. I love expressing myself and sharing, but sometimes I don’t want to share something unless it has good meaning, or can touch someone out there. I’ve started to be more active on Instagram too, I must be honest as a minimalist it’s a little hard to adapt to some things. I do not believe in having too much social media accounts, I thought Facebook and twitter was enough. But, I have plans to start a business and realised Instagram is very much Needed LoL

My fitness progress

I love it I love it! 

My body, mind and soul feel so good. I am so close to getting my dream legs it’s in believable. And then there’s my arms too.. Ooh the deltoids, and my back. I improved with posture and with a lot of exercises I use to struggle with.

Balancing #fitatwork
Balancing #fitatwork

Everyone say tummy muscles is tuff, but know mentioned thighs!

Oh my Hat! Boy, it is tuff to tone thighs, hamstrings and quadriceps. I can’t believe they don’t make a fuss of that, rather than the tummy muscles. I reached my sixpack goal faster than my thighs. In fact, I am still working hard on it. When I started to do more lunges, donkey kicks, plie squats, bridge poses it really helped a lot.

I am still trying my best everyday. I do not plan to give up. I am the happiest I’ve ever been. Having a lovely happy family. We keep on moving forward, working towards a better “us”. God is always on our side, as this is not only a Healthy journey in flesh, but also spiritually. 

I balance my love for Health and fitness. I see to it that I do not obsess about my body, but mostly keeping it healthy and clean as a child of God.

Find your happy place, eliminate everything that’s toxic to your body, mind and soul. Don’t put your trust in food, (binge eating). Pray regularly, even if it’s about something small as to not eat when you’re not hungry. God wants us to be happy. We do not have to walk with long slender legs, or six packs but remember, your well being is important.

A walk at JackMuller/DanieUysPark

Let’s do Health

Another blog about my fears as a Mom

On 11January I’ve shared a bit about my fears as a mommy. 

My son is settled in at School

After a long week of crying, feeling sad and worried, everything is doing quite well now. 

We are so Happy to see how grown up our little boy is. His teachers love him, in the mornings we can see how he tells them long stories hehehe(and that boy can talk). Other kids calling him by the name etc. 

I noticed he don’t really want to kiss me in the mornings, so I asked him why. And as always he had a good made up explanation and the very next day he gave me a big kiss to please me hahaha.

The kids must take extra clothing for oopses. And my 5yr old got a phobia to not “number2” anywhere but at home. That was my biggest fear, because it is a full day. I always tell my husband, he won’t be able to hold it so long. So well, Today… My husband fetched him then me. This little son of mine, got his pants on back to front and his under pants tucked into his pocket zipped close. He told us he had an accident, and everything is fine LOL

I am trying now to explain to him nicely, it is fine to tell your teacher to go to the loo. Yeah, that boy got some skills.

I love how he tells us in the morning not to be late, and at night my big boy sleeps at 20:00pm. When he was younger we struggled, he never liked going to bed on time. But now, it just happend naturally 🙂 


I would love to say all parents love their kids to bits, but what I see and hear everyday is disgusting! Today I heard a mom asking her boy around 9yrs old, what did the girl around 2-3yrs say.. The boy answered: she want to be picked up The mom’s response: is she insane!

Omw! I will die if anyone speak like that to my son.

A week ago, my husband saw a nanny standing under a tree with a 3yr old boy, it was a hot day. She was drinking water while this poor boy was reaching out for it but she was seeing to her needs first. It kills me, if my husband had to tell me earlier I would’ve stopped and confronted her.

We as parents should love all kids even if it’s not our own. They need love, nurturing, care, empathy, guidance, discipline etc.

I love every second, minute, hour, day, night, of being a mom. Teaching my child, disciplining him, loving him, being crazy with him and just looking at him. How he grows everyday.

Everything I do, I first consider my family. That is what we as mothers do.

A Shout out to all wonderful moms out there, who is striving to be the best she can. Accepting  the mistakes and failures, by learning from it and moving forward.

Let’s Do Health 

My First Yoga Class @TheLornaJane Active Livingroom Cape Town

I joined a professional yoga class! At last! Hehehe

I can’t say I am an expert, however the vinyasa class last night was not that difficult. The little “selfexperience at home” helped a lot. And because I am always active exercising at home, my bones and joints are doing quite well with movements.

What did I learn at this Session

As I always say, it is very important to seek professional help, guidance and advice.

I’ve learnt I need to work a lot on my breathing. I know I kind of have a problem in that are,  so last night was once again a eye opener how important correct breathing are.

The alignment of my body, feet, hands, hips and head… At home I obviously tried my best to do it correctly, but last night I’ve learnt the how’s and why’s. I just loved it and I am definitely going again.

The Instructor and Staff

Joelle  Sleebos the instructor was so friendly, inviting, she got this welcoming Aura. When I arrived, the ladies was so helpful and friendly too!

The way their materials, fabric felt

I must add, oh my Hat I need to start saving now already because I definitely want to wear Lorna Jane’s Active Wear!! I just love the designs and their QUALITY👌

I’ve added my after the session pic because I want to show off my Deltoid💪

What can I gain

Experience!!! And it’ ll help with my studies too. My goal is to strengthen my core and muscles. I also want to work on my balancing.

Ladies get Inspired, because I am!
Let’s Do Health

FitFit Mom at Home

Fit mom, wife, part time student..

I just love this journey! 

It is not always easy, but when I started to take my dream more seriously last year January 2016, it was the Best decision ever! I decided to start a blog about how I make fitness possible at home, no fees, no time away from my family too. We are spending our whole time at work already, our kids are at schools. When we get home, food need to be prepared, homework of kids, homework of mom and dad. Why on earth would I still spend time away from them after hours. Yes, I do have alot of respect for the women going to gym, pilates or yoga classes. I salute all hardworking women who strives to a fit and healthy lifestyle. The extra time we have we need to spend it with our family, having fun together. I choose to spend as much time as possible with them.

Husband and Wife also need to make time for each other to keep the relationship Healthy. We also need to keep our relationship with God Healthy, and isn’t it just beautiful when the whole family do Health together.

How do I make time for my workouts

Photography: Brent Armstrong @JackMuller/DanieUys park
Photography: Brent Armstrong @Table Mountain
Photograhy: Brent Armstrong @Home

I just make time! Hehehe

It is still a challenge, because I started my studies recently. But that is where time management comes in.

Important factor is also the support from your family. You simply need to make it clear to them what your needs are, also take theirs in consideration and compromise. I share my fitness goals with them, I include them too. It took a little while for my husband, but he joined the gym, he also support my changes in food ect.

My love for parks

Photography: Brent Armstrong @Majikforest
Photography: Brent Armstrong @DanieUys/JackMuller park
Photographer: Brent Armstrong @Majikforest
Photography: Brent Armstrong @Majikforest
Photography: Brent Armstrong @Majikforest

I do my workouts at the parks close to me, or let me say the ones I like in Cape Town. Bonus point is the gym equipment at DanieUys/JackMuller Park. My son can ride his bike or play, we jog and walk through the park as a family, and of course mommy gets her daily workout in.

I got my Abs and almost fully toned body at Home 15minutes a day

It is all about consistency, know your limits. You also need to challenge yourself, exceed your expectations. It is possible to get fit at home, always remember to still get advice on body alignments and posture from professionals. You need to ensure you don’t hurt yourself, especially your spine.

But work towards your goals, follow what works for you and not others.

Let’s Do Health

21Days-Bread and Sugarfree Challenge, Mommy Fears, Staying Active

I decided to take the challenge of 21Days sugar and bread free. It is my 5th day and I swear I am getting withdrawal symptoms. The funniest thing is, I only drink one teaspoon of sugar in my tea and one and half in my coffee. I also do not eat a lot of sweets unless I really crave for a marshmallow or jelly tot.

Most people only stop the intake of sugar itself, but they forget about the juices they buy etc. Well I decided to cut out anything containing artificial sugars, maybe that’s why it feel so tuff. 

But I would like to inspire people to take the challenge because it is good. Eat the necessary fruits and veggies daily, and chew a sugar free gum when the craving hits.

The fearful mommy of a toddler

Today my son went to Preschool for the very first time. I shared a few days ago about the fears I have, and yes it is still there. However, I am a Believer and that’s why I pray about it. My son was so excited he couldn’t eat his porridge hehehe. He wanted to go to school yesterday already because he woke me up, telling me I must brush his teeth it’s school day. I admit I cried whole day, when we fetched him and I saw that happy face the tears just came.

But that’s the love of a mother 

Staying Active #Bloubergstrand and #Majikforest

I am doing so well with my fitness goals. I decided to go around my favourite places in Cape Town and share how I reach my fitness goals on my own. Yes I am a proud fit Mom and Wife at home. I’m glad to announce I got so far to inspire my husband too!

Fun at Majikforest Durbanville

It was such a nice day

Photo taken by: Brent Armstrong

Fears of a mommy

Today I decided to share the blogpost I wanted to share a while ago.

Firstly, I wish everyone a very happy 2017. We are blessed and should give thanks to God.

Indoors for 7days with sick toddler

My poor son was diagnosed with chickenpox last week. Luckily I saw it early enough so I guess it could’ve been worse.

I can’t remember having it as a child. I must say it is Horrible!! I would like to believe that all moms hate seeing their kids suffer. The fever Omw! I felt so weak.. The pox started in his head and mouth and all I could do is comfort him with my love. We had the best meds so Patience was all we needed. He couldn’t where any clothes, and I had to explain over and over why he must be naked. Worst of all is the nightmares, because he is using his imagination so wildly. He explains how the pox infiltrate his heart and brain, how they jump over his whole body exploding… Lol 

To get to the point..

My little boy is going to school for the first time in 9days. I am already terrified about that and then the Pox decided to visit over new years weekend.

I thought I was fine the day of the interview with the principal, but Not. Then the day we had the meeting with his future teacher, seeing all the other parents and kids made me feel good again. As a parent I always look at the environment, actions, the way they speak and the approach. Yes, this is my child’s future so I am judgy and picky. In today’s life we read and hear all the stories of bullying and other terrifying stuff. I know no matter where it is a possibility everywhere, but how high and low is the risk factors. I believe you can see it in the leaders. 

His first day..

I took my annual leave luckily for when my son go to school, because I know I am going to cry my eyes out everyday and i’ll be an emotional wreck. Questions I keep asking, how he will feel, will he make friends easily, will his teacher like him, so so many….

Every time he went to a new day care I was a wreck, but for some reason he was always loved at his schools(daycare). His classmates loved him so much, he is like the little comedian.


He is doing much better, no fever, he is eating well and the talking is again unstoppable. So his went to chemist today, and they say we can wash him now.. Aaaaah, again I do not want to because the pox not gone yet, and the doctor said no bathing.. Fearful mommy

So yes, I am walking with a knot in my throat and tummy. But he believes God always give him great powers, so my trust will be in God just like my little boy put his in God.

New Year’s Resolutions versus Goals




I don’t find it very productive or realistic at all.

We tend to say when the new year starts we are going to change or stop certain things in our lives. Things like:


I can mention so many, because that’s what I hear all the time.

So, the first day of the new year is a Holiday! Everyone or most of us are still on holiday or some are only having that one day off. Now I ask the question, that New Year Resolution was suppose to start on the first day of the New Year. “it is a New Year resolution after all”

Then the famous words comes… ah I can still start tomorrow the year just started… why? Because you are still having a lot of fun in the Sun! Enjoying the time with family, lots of food and drinks, happiness and laughter. (Nothing wrong with that though) However, you did not plan well, you did not set boundaries, you did not make a realistic decision, and most of all. the New Year started and you are still stuck  in your old ways….

It is a sad cycle, repeating itself all the time.



I believe very strongly in GOALS. It can be short term, long term, even mini Goals. It is realistic and Hey! with it comes a Plan + Action .

When we set Goals, we plan because with a goal comes hard work and commitment. We look at the factors which will be having an affect on it, we set boundaries and with all that we start taking action.

When I want to change something that is affecting me in a bad way, I do not say I am going to get rid of it tomorrow or next year. I believe change start NOW! I know for a fact when you keep extending it’ll get much harder to make that change.

If a smoker, drinker, chronic gossiper wants to stop or make a change they need to understand it’ll take time. It is a process, it need hard work and dedication. They will have to start making small changes in order to lessen the habit. It is something that was part of them for so long it is impossible to just STOP. So, I would say that should be a long term goal because it’ll need time and commitment.

I always have Goals in all areas of my life, and whether it is Long term, Short term or Mini Goals I see that I meet them all.

I always make space for the Unexpected; Disappointment; and the GOOD. When you made space for all of that, you are still on the road to SUCCESS!

I would say, setting Goals is much more Realistic and Productive than New Year’s Resolutions.

Don’t wait for tomorrow or worst of all the Next Year to start making Healthy choices in  your life. Start today! Start Now!


It is my opinion and experience, there will be others that see it in a different way and it is Okay…

Stay Happy and full fill your Dreams and Goals, I AM!