Fit Mom at Home

My Inspiration as a fit mom at home

As a wife and mom, I am trying to live a Fit and Healthy lifestyle everyday. I know it benefits my whole family and that’s why I made that choice. I’ve always been focused on Health and Fitness, however  when I was younger it was more about being “sexy” and skinny.

As one grow older your way of seeing and doing things change. Healthy living is sooo Important  and alot of people don’t realize it. You must only find what works for you like ; healthy foods you like; do exercises you like and consult a professional to assist you; don’t over indulge ; limit junk foods if you don’t want to give it up, drink enough water and less juices, don’t fool yourself with drinking juices and think it’s healthy. I drink more water than juice because it doesn’t contain preservatives.
Get inspired and start implementing.

I want to share with my friends, family and every person out there, we can do it if we really want to. Put your”gameface” on and do what’s Best for YOU!