The Plank Exercise

Hello Everyone!!

I am so glad I didn’t commit to a specific day of the update of the fitnesstipjar.  I’ve been so super busy I couldn’t write whole weekend. I trust everyone is all well and healthy so far. God blessed us with another day and let’s live and love it.

Today I will cover three variations of the plank exercise. The three plank exercises is my favourite and helped me to get a toned waist and belly. It helped me to build shoulder and arm strength. Alignment issues I had also improved a lot!

The plank is one of the best exercises to build core strength, endurance and stability. This exercise can be performed in so many ways to target your entire core and whole body.

Let’s Start:

The Up – and – down Plank

Benefits: Improve posture, tightens the midsection(what we want) and boost weight loss.

When performing this exercise be sure to engage glutes, tighten your core, keep head and neck aligned with spine. Pull belly button towards spine, tuck your pelvis. Hands is shoulder width apart and feet hip width apart.

Start on your mat with basic plank position. Inhale as you bend your arms to place elbows on mat and exhale when you straighten your arms to place hands on mat.

Plank Hip Dips

Benefits: Speeds up the shrinking of waist line.

When performing this exercise you will start with the modified plank position on your elbows. Anatomical structures as in fitness tip jar for plank. Engage your core, keep head and neck aligned with spine.

In addition with the rotation lower your right hip to the ground almost like you want to touch ground with your hip. Belly button is pulled in, pelvis tucked and tight core.

Plank Mountain Climber

Benefits: Working the abdominal and lower back muscles. Strengthening, stabilizing and endurance are built when doing this exercise. You’ll get your cardio in too as this work out bring your heart rate up. It’s a great bodyweight exercise and can be done anywhere.

When performing this exercise holding the plank position incorporating the fast motion of the legs. Keep back straight, pelvis tucked, head and neck aligned with spine and gaze in front of you on ground. Start moderately bringing right knee to chest then return to back and do opposite side. Add speed as if you’re running up mountain.

I do hope you’ll find this post helpful. I am someone that like to keep it simple but try my best to be clear about the information. 

It is very late in the week sharing an update on last week’s post but, I am glad I could finish it before the week ends 🙂 

Let’s stay Happy and Healthy (even when we don’t feel like it all the time hehehe)

 Keep Well



Bread and No Exercise=fat thighs and muffin top

The science of exercise is proven right once again.

I always say I do not like starving myself. I know we need to curb or quit  junk food or even just over- eating. Food is not our enemy unless we start treating it as it lol

I strongly believe in regular exercise not only because it is super good for my health but, I am more in control of how and what I eat. When we exercise our metabolism improve. I manage my eating habits very well because I know staying active will keep the centimetres away. I enjoy my pizza so every two or sometimes three months. I also sip on an appletizer or sparkled just juice drinky now and then when I get the craving lol(not very often). Hot chips and fish take away(proudly South African) is also one of my favorites. The trick is to know how to balance it. And don’t forget Exercise at least three to five times a week for 15minutes. 

Why this title?

I didn’t exercise since the Beginning of this month. My home practice pretty is much poor. The challenge I’m facing also, is the fact that I might change career paths. So much has happened and things are just crazy. I just couldn’t find the time to exercise. And we speak about eating habits… Omw! I’m off track. 

So, I weigh myself only every three months and I gained 1kg. But that’s not the issue. It’s the change around my waist and thighs. Yes ladies! It’s all the bread(white), excessive cravings for sweet stuff  like cake, tarts and chocolate aaaaah!! I told my husband I do not know where this is coming from. And believe me when I say I am not a sweet stuff lover. But I couldn’t care less, I embraced the phase hehehe. I could feel the hips and tummy started with a little fold. I kept looking at myself in the mirror to see if I’m sagging hahaha!

I didn’t mention all the wrong stuff and way I ate because I think I am too shy. All I need you to know bread is unfortunately our enemy. Especially if it is not a healthy bread and too much of it without an active lifestyle. I love my whole grain bread it is just so difficult to get my husband into that habit. When I buy me bread it often get mouldy too quick because I eat so little of it. But April was or is the month I just went on a don’t care spree and I am suffering the consequences. Last night I pulled up my socks and decided to do a short workout and I already feel better.

If you are at the beginning of your weight loss journey, please note that you need to be hard on yourself unfortunately. Getting rid of bad habits can be tuff. So you need to discipline yourself.

Set realistic Goals

Don’t be unrealistic and expect results too soon. Be patient and set a goal that’ll be suitable to your type of lifestyle. Pull up an eating plan and follow it thoroughly. Make use of imagery and put up a picture of how you want to look in three months for example. 

Make the choice

Be honest with yourself when you decide to lose weight or live more healthily. Be sure you are doing it for yourself and not people or just because fitness became the new “in-thing”. It need to come from inside. Make it personal and do it for your own good. When you make it personal it’ll be a positive to stick to your plans. 

Keep track
Make use of measuring tape and take your centimeters weekly: waist, bust, thighs, hips, biceps, and calves. Take pictures and videos of yourself to see how you are improving. It is very motivational to see your improvement like that. 

Eat Smart

I do not believe in diets. I know it works for some people and there are many good diets out there that works very good. I believe in portion management and the right amount of Nutrients required per day.

If you have a good diet plan set up by a nutritionist or else, good for you! If you are like me who do not like to be told what to eat, start finding a way that works for you. Snack healthier, exercise regularly and become a new awesome you! 

Let’s try to stay happy and healthy all the time!

I made a change again [happy face]

He is protecting me

The constant sadness, confusion, emptiness and frustration inside of me..
I didn’t understand why I kept feeling this way. I felt like I am at the right place doing the right thing but, the emptiness didn’t go away. WHY? 

I prayed, l listened, I followed, and yet something just felt off all the time. At times I felt like I’m reading the messages wrong or maybe God has something else in store for me but I couldn’t understand it because I felt like he lead me this way. He answered me through scripture. At some points things just happened and it felt right. The clients, the studio, the support from some families and friends. The obstacles and downfalls was maybe just the evil one’s plan to make me fail. At least that’s what I thought…

In my post “Broken Wings” I pretty much explained how down and out I felt because of something that happened recently. How I’ve been questioned being a “yoga teacher” as a woman of God. It was hurtful and I felt the people I thought should support me are against me. ( I was wrong) I do feel the approach should’ve been different. I decided to keep praying about it and to only hold on to God and no one else. Last week God sent a other woman of God my way. She asked for health and fitness advice and I felt so good because “yay! God is still on my side. Things are happening”. To my shock she said she don’t want to do ” yoga” because she is saved. My response was “me too and it is not for any other spiritual benefits” but she stood by what she believed is right. It made me think a lot and I prayed about it because I felt like there is something I do not know. I needed guidance from God only. 

Oh how wonderful is Jesus our saviour! I did some research and prayed. The reason why I always felt like I’m doing something wrong is because of the holy ghost trying to stop me from doing ungodly things. To take on a path or journey that is not from God. I came across the story of a former yoga/reiki teacher truth behind yoga. I thank God for this woman of God sharing her testimony across the world.

It feels like a huge weight off my shoulders. I am feeling good because I want to be a obedient child of God. I want to put Jesus first in everything I do in my life. I  plan to keep it that way.

The burning worldly desires almost destroyed me. I am feeling blessed and happy. I do have a regular client now to help losing weight and reach fitness goals. I am still going forward with my fitness journey and still have a lot in my mind. 

If you are a child of God saved by the grace of Jesus I do hope this post and link I shared will touch you. And I pray that God will touch everyone reading it and to get a true understanding.

Let’s Stay Happy and Healthy

A poem of comfort

Hi Everyone! 

Happy Wednesday! 

Today I feel like sharing this comforting words I wrote. I believe this is Jesus in the times of my weaknesses. It is all up to us to listen to him and feel the love he has for his children.

My heart is not heavy, I do not feel sad or frustrated. Today is a good day however, everyday is a good and blessed day. It just up to us on how we will handle it. 

Let’s stay away from negative people and things in our lives. Embrace and appreciate the people and things that add value to your life.

Yay! To more happy days! 




My dearest,

Spread your wings and fly; Do not ask why, you have the power to reach for the sky; Oh my dearest why do you fear; I am then always here

See yourself through my eye; don’t be blind to your beauty inside

Rise, Spread your wings and fly; Do not ask why; My oh My..

The road is narrow, The road is wide; make your choice and be wise in making your decision; I have a vision for you, Yes it is true; I believe in you

I love you my dear; why do you fear; as I told you already; I am always here..

Spread your wings and fly my dearest


How Serious are you about your goals

Howdy Everyone!! Hope everyone is still happy and healthy.

Today I am thinking a lot about my goals, dreams and achievements. I can’t help to sometimes question myself. I often get stuck with fear, doubt, insecurities and all it does is damage. This is all not from God but, I am only human. A human being who is striving and just want to better myself and reach my goals and dreams. Every time I write about this it feels like I am such a fragile/broken human being.  

I believe I am not broken, I am not unhappy, I am saved and whole because I have God by my side.

Am I allowing worldly desires to destroy my inner being, or am I just a girl with dreams that seem so impossible to reach at times. Am I too weak? Am I unable? Do I choose to blame circumstances and people? 

Everyone fights some sort of battle every day. It is up to us whether we are going to give up or pick ourselves up and move forward. If it’s weight problems or fitness, health or different illnesses, all of us deserves a chance. To stay positive and to keep believing.

The question we should always ask is: what makes me happy? Am I willing to sacrifice certain things? Am I willing to work hard and smart? 

So yes, today I am asking myself how serious I am about my goals. 

The focus should not be on what others think or say about you.
Focus on your goals and follow a plan of action. Make sure you have a back up plan and never give up!


Moving Forward


Hold on to God’s promises

In my weakest moments I believe I should hold on to God. It is super difficult but worth it. To hold on to his promises, reading the word and get feeding from the word.

Yesterday I mentioned how my Yoga journey got challenged. I do not understand why people want to make it a religious thing. Keep in mind I’m not religious, I am a child of God striving to be the obedient servant I need to be everyday. I am reborn and accepted Jesus in my life as my saviour from a very young age. I know my relationship with God. We serve a positive God who loves us and don’t want to harm us.

I am not going to stop now, I came this far and plan to fulfill my purpose. I am going to continue building my small business because that’s what I love doing and I am not planning on harming any one by doing what I love most.  I still can’t believe it was made out like “entrepreneurship” “empowering yourself” is a sin.

I am still feeling very emotional today but I am a strong woman who can pick herself up and walk the walk.

Fitness/Health Journey

Everyone’s journey is different. My journey started with weight loss. It became more personal. I wanted to become a better person from the inside-out. My journey is “tuff” (sure everyone’s is) for sure hehehe. I must mention I felt if I can look after myself for my physical needs and desires I can surely commit to spiritual growth when I started. So yes, I did challenge myself through my fitness journey to see if I can be as committed to God as to my worldly desires. 

Questions I needed to ask myself:

  • Do I crave God  more than food?
  • Am I doing this for personal gain?
  • Is this good for me?
  • Am I doing this for people?
  • Is this a healthy choice?
  • Is it only to show off my body?
  • Why and how will this benefit my family
  • Do I understand the process?
  • Do I have the right resources?

We often take on a weight loss/fitness/wellness journey for the wrong reasons and that’s why many of us fail along the road and end up giving up. People still don’t understand that you need to be mentally/physically prepared. People often start off with the wrong mindset. 

The focus need to be on living a Healthy and Fit lifestyle daily without the need to constantly go on quick fix diets. I started off knowing what I want and need. I could overcome so many fears and reach so many goals. There are many days a person feels like giving up but for that was not an option. The benefits outweighs the bad days. I am still learning every day and I love the progress.

To wrap it all again, that is why I decided to share this with others. I decided to study in this direction to help others achieve their goals. It makes me feel good when I can help others. To add positivity to their journey. I do health and fitness my way and decide to do what works for me. There is no change in following the correct fitness principals and on living a nutritious lifestyle.

Let’s Stay Healthy and not give up on each other!

Broken Wings

Today I’m filled with confusion. I am not sure if I can say broken or just feel like a piece of paper in the wind.

I get blown by the wind to whichever side. The moment I feel I’ve found my destination I just get blown again. 

I prayed, I still do..

Everything went so well. I felt like I’ve found my purpose. Everything felt in to place. I felt like God is in this. Now people come around and crush my wings.

My wings was spread, I just started to fly, I couldn’t do it on my own God felt present. The girl with dreams, The girl who has hope, The girl who felt like she’s finally achieving need to take a step back again.

It seems like my Yoga journey is a problem at the moment. It seems like me being an entrepreneur, a woman who wants to empower herself is wrong. God gives us talent he bless us and we need to make use of it.

I want to give some advice to the young ambitious ladies out there. Please do make a name for yourself or reach for your goals while you are in your twenties not married yet. It just seems like the best thing for an ambitious woman.

Today I feel like this, tomorrow might be different. Only God knows.
My message stay the same let’s Dream Believe Achieve

Never felt Better

Every time I do my home practice I can’t believe how fearful I was seven months ago. Also not very educated about what I was doing and love so very much..

I did not know or understand my body the way I do now. Mobility, Balance, Strength, and proprioception. I can remember how dreadful a plank was Oh My! And little did I know my hand placement and elbows was all wrong. I do not plan to go deep in to explaining the postures and alignments in this post as I just wanted to share how awesome Yoga makes me feel!

Warrior Poses, the leg placement and don’t forget the hips and arms! Oh so very important to reap the benefits of each and every pose. It can only happen when you go to a professional. Believe Me! I used to be a self taught yogini hmmmmm… Not a very clever move however, it’s good to love it just visit a good Yoga teacher hehehehe

Your basic standing poses like Tadasana(mountain pose) you would think it’s just about standing uhm no no, and starting your class with mountain pose can also give you a meditative start not only seated poses. To ground your self through your feet, big toes touching and heels slightly apart, stand up straight, chest slightly out, arms by your sides, palms facing forward, gaze forward, close your eyes… Om 

Ooh lovely! 

I can remember how I struggled with savasana, most people look forward to that! Because of my anxiety problems I struggled a lot. I couldn’t let go, my mind was all over and it just felt like it’s not for me. Our teacher did a restorative class with us one day and it did wonders to me. When we did the class for trauma it was actually my breakthrough. Today I can end my practice with a well deserved and anxious free Savasana 🙂

Let’s reach for the sky!!!

2018 is kicking off with a Bang!

Hi All! Beauties, handsomes hehehe

I just want to say hello and how are you??

I’m doing great! Very busy as most of you already know. I am so excited, stressed, happy, frustrated, patient, impatient, doubt, fear..  All the emotions a person go through when planning and working towards your goals and dreams.

I’m proud to say I do have a photographer now! @mondrevelensky

I’m also starting my classes 27 January as I found a studio to rent!

My website will be up and running hoping from next week ( just have to) 

Exciting stuff!! God is so good to me!

Not giving up, pushing through, believing, planning, striving all of that is Key!!