Bread and No Exercise=fat thighs and muffin top

The science of exercise is proven right once again.

I always say I do not like starving myself. I know we need to curb or quit  junk food or even just over- eating. Food is not our enemy unless we start treating it as it lol

I strongly believe in regular exercise not only because it is super good for my health but, I am more in control of how and what I eat. When we exercise our metabolism improve. I manage my eating habits very well because I know staying active will keep the centimetres away. I enjoy my pizza so every two or sometimes three months. I also sip on an appletizer or sparkled just juice drinky now and then when I get the craving lol(not very often). Hot chips and fish take away(proudly South African) is also one of my favorites. The trick is to know how to balance it. And don’t forget Exercise at least three to five times a week for 15minutes. 

Why this title?

I didn’t exercise since the Beginning of this month. My home practice pretty is much poor. The challenge I’m facing also, is the fact that I might change career paths. So much has happened and things are just crazy. I just couldn’t find the time to exercise. And we speak about eating habits… Omw! I’m off track. 

So, I weigh myself only every three months and I gained 1kg. But that’s not the issue. It’s the change around my waist and thighs. Yes ladies! It’s all the bread(white), excessive cravings for sweet stuff  like cake, tarts and chocolate aaaaah!! I told my husband I do not know where this is coming from. And believe me when I say I am not a sweet stuff lover. But I couldn’t care less, I embraced the phase hehehe. I could feel the hips and tummy started with a little fold. I kept looking at myself in the mirror to see if I’m sagging hahaha!

I didn’t mention all the wrong stuff and way I ate because I think I am too shy. All I need you to know bread is unfortunately our enemy. Especially if it is not a healthy bread and too much of it without an active lifestyle. I love my whole grain bread it is just so difficult to get my husband into that habit. When I buy me bread it often get mouldy too quick because I eat so little of it. But April was or is the month I just went on a don’t care spree and I am suffering the consequences. Last night I pulled up my socks and decided to do a short workout and I already feel better.

If you are at the beginning of your weight loss journey, please note that you need to be hard on yourself unfortunately. Getting rid of bad habits can be tuff. So you need to discipline yourself.

Set realistic Goals

Don’t be unrealistic and expect results too soon. Be patient and set a goal that’ll be suitable to your type of lifestyle. Pull up an eating plan and follow it thoroughly. Make use of imagery and put up a picture of how you want to look in three months for example. 

Make the choice

Be honest with yourself when you decide to lose weight or live more healthily. Be sure you are doing it for yourself and not people or just because fitness became the new “in-thing”. It need to come from inside. Make it personal and do it for your own good. When you make it personal it’ll be a positive to stick to your plans. 

Keep track
Make use of measuring tape and take your centimeters weekly: waist, bust, thighs, hips, biceps, and calves. Take pictures and videos of yourself to see how you are improving. It is very motivational to see your improvement like that. 

Eat Smart

I do not believe in diets. I know it works for some people and there are many good diets out there that works very good. I believe in portion management and the right amount of Nutrients required per day.

If you have a good diet plan set up by a nutritionist or else, good for you! If you are like me who do not like to be told what to eat, start finding a way that works for you. Snack healthier, exercise regularly and become a new awesome you! 

Let’s try to stay happy and healthy all the time!

I made a change again [happy face]


Feedback from my client

Hi all!! 

I am sharing something my first client has written. I am so humbled and proud. God is so good! 

Most of you know my Journey by now. My dream is to help others, for them to become the person they want to be, to reach their fitness and health goals.

I am also happy to share with you that I have found a studio to rent to start my Yoga and Fitness business properly yay!!!

So here it goes, read my client’s feedback:

Since i started training with Mandy I immediately saw instant change in my body – this awesome change has brought a new found love and interest in fitness – I now train 3 to 5 days a week. I was the Lady that believed in strictly cardio classes at gym in order to lose weight and to see the actual number on the scale decrease. Mandy has came into my life and showed me that building lean muscle sculpts your body even though the scale is not really moving – just in two weeks of intense strength training with Mandy my old jeans fits well. She has taught me that fitness is calculated of a nutritionist diet and a well planned work out with a slight percentage of cardio. 
Most ladies neglect strength training at their own peril….Ladies muscle mass allows us to move !!! People tend to forget that muscle helps us with our day-to-day parts of life that requires strength – guys sedentary lifestyle means people are gradually becoming weaker, being with Mandy has taught me just that. 
Strength training has sculpted my arms and core – which I enjoy targeting – this was easily done by simply adding a dumbel to my crunches,once again compliments to Mandy. 
I can continue and talk all day and night long about my experience and what I have learnt thus far – to conclude all I can say is that Mandy is a excellent trainer. She is proffessional and knows what she is doing. She is motivates you and pushes you to your limits. Her advice is life changing guys …. don’t forget to check her out 🤗✔😎

Will I ever be Happy with my body

I can’t understand why I always find fault with my body. I always feel the need to judge myself. If it’s not my tummy, it’s my thighs and butt.

Through all the self judging and dissatisfaction, I am proud of my progress. I must say the journey goes up and down but, I keep moving forward slowly but surely.

I am learning everyday and make it a point to improve. I believe I still need alot of work on my diet. Because I am toning and build muscle but this small layer fat is so tuff to get rid of.

I took this photo without pre-exercise(activated muscles) Lol

To get perfect ab pics I Normally exercise before hand hehehe

Starting the yoga practicing and following a proper exercise plan is working so far. I can’t wait to start with the Nutrition part of my studies as I did not have time yet… Too busy becoming a yogi hehehe

But Yay to Will power and Determination

Let’s Do Health Peeps

Transformation vs. Progress

When we undergo transformation we decide on making a change. Going into an entire new direction of a different level of effectiveness.

That’s how it works when we decide to lose weight and starting a Healthy Lifestyle. The change feels good, your body change. The way your clothes fit, the flatter tummy, the shrinking waist, all just so awesome.

Eating less, drinking more water, exercise regularly, and taking part of more activities. 

You reached your goal to lose the extra weight, to fit into your clothes and to be more active. 

Where to now….


Forward or onward movement towards a destination:  destination should not be Weight loss only

Develop towards an improved or more advanced condition: work towards maintaining and a Healthier lifestyle

We tend to repeat the Weight loss cycle, going on diets and new year resolutions. Making it so difficult to stay the weight that makes you happy by not focusing on the Right reasons and factors of a Healthy Lifestyle. It’s actually not so difficult at all.

It becomes a problem merely because we do not want to Sacrifice. We do not want to give up bad habits. To make a change in your diet for seven days feels like hell, believe me I’ve been there… And I’ve Done it! Because I wanted to achieve my goal, I wanted to see if it is true what all this Health Gurus are saying LOL 


As long as you are trying, keep moving. When you fail just pick up yourself and start over. It is not a train smash, don’t be too hard on yourself and remember to be Patient. I can assure you, patience is Needed!! Fitness and Health goals can not be rushed. Be gentle with your body. Just do not stop trying and there must be Progress, you Must see and feel change.

Let’s Stay Healthy Because it is just so Awesome!!!

Keep well

MJ Armstrong

Oh my Hat I am eating so wrong today

I live by the rule: always pack lunch to work.  I am good at obeying that rule(hubby pack though) however, today..  Oh today! A day not so well planned.

How did my Morning start

My oatmeal was ready, I just had to warm some milk as the porridge got a little cold. My husband’s cheese toast was on the bread board (looking yummy).. I thought “agh just one bite” “mmmm so nice with the coffee” one slice down, never ate my porridge as we ran late. 

I didn’t pack fruit! Normally it’s my first snack at work (a naartjie/orange). I looked into my lunch bag and all I could see was my soup for lunch and a small packet of Frito’s, my son’s. Well, when a person is hungry you pretty much end up eating everything.  I thought “ too early for junk, it’s almost tea time for a cup of tea and a carrot muffin yum!”  I ended up eating some of the chips… Left feeling nauseous.

 Tea Time 10:15

I couldn’t wait to get my hands on that muffin. Normally I eat half, today I’ve finished it all.(arrgh I’m still bloated)  I ate the icing too! Plus the tea with milk and one sugar!

Going forward

It is exactly 11:53 now, and I am still bloated! It feels like I won’t be able to eat lunch time.(an orange need to come to my rescue)

Some will maybe think “girl get over yourself” but, this is my body. And I run this factory of mine based on good production. Well nourished, well serviced and works on certain fuels. It’s like throwing petrol into a diesel car. That’s what I did to my body today and now I suffer the consequences.

That’s one of the reasons I made the decision to eliminate junk. It’s also about how you manage it. If I had to start my day right I would’ve been able to eat a peace of the muffin more enjoyable, and not by over indulging. 

The moral is: No good comes from over indulging bad foods, it just leaves you feeling uneasy, bloated and Moody.

Choose good food, you miss out on nothing!

I am glad I experienced this today, because once again it is proven what unhealthy eating habits does. NO GOOD

So, I am doing quite fine by striving to Eat Healthily and Exercise everyday. I am fine by being Judged for my way of Living. As long as I know it’s doing good for my Health.

I hope everyone can realize the Importance of Health.