What do you consider Healthy

What’s the idea people get the moment they hear HEALTH.

I always hear I eat too little, I exercise too much (15min a day hehehe) or I am crazy or a freak. I always just laugh as this comments is from people who have 100 excuses not to live Healthy. It is not starvation, it’s simply looking after yourself, the temple of God.

I only cut out foods I think is not good for me. I’m not a lover for sweet stuff and fast foods is a big NO on my list. My nutrients I try to balance daily by eating the right foods and portions. I hate diets because I LOVE good food, so I still eat my pastas and rice. However I exercise regularly and eat one solid meal daily, meaning porridge as my breakfast , apple and banana  as morning snack ; a piece of chicken with rice and vegetables for lunch (my solid meal for the day); snack on biscuit for afternoon; and supper I always choose two/three tablespoons of oats porridge. It all depends on how we cook for the week so sometimes my solid meal is supper  time, there is no need to cook my food separately. (Meals and snacks may change daily)This way works for me and I am happy, my BMI is just right and therefore I continue doing it my way.

Find what works for you, if you need to see a doctor please do so. Everyone is different, we have different body shapes, appetites and lifestyles and that’s why it is so important to find what works for you.

Happiness is a choice