How Serious are you about your goals

Howdy Everyone!! Hope everyone is still happy and healthy.

Today I am thinking a lot about my goals, dreams and achievements. I can’t help to sometimes question myself. I often get stuck with fear, doubt, insecurities and all it does is damage. This is all not from God but, I am only human. A human being who is striving and just want to better myself and reach my goals and dreams. Every time I write about this it feels like I am such a fragile/broken human being.  

I believe I am not broken, I am not unhappy, I am saved and whole because I have God by my side.

Am I allowing worldly desires to destroy my inner being, or am I just a girl with dreams that seem so impossible to reach at times. Am I too weak? Am I unable? Do I choose to blame circumstances and people? 

Everyone fights some sort of battle every day. It is up to us whether we are going to give up or pick ourselves up and move forward. If it’s weight problems or fitness, health or different illnesses, all of us deserves a chance. To stay positive and to keep believing.

The question we should always ask is: what makes me happy? Am I willing to sacrifice certain things? Am I willing to work hard and smart? 

So yes, today I am asking myself how serious I am about my goals. 

The focus should not be on what others think or say about you.
Focus on your goals and follow a plan of action. Make sure you have a back up plan and never give up!



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