My first Sequencing task (peakpose parivritta Ardha Chandrasana

Hi everyone! As you know by now I am Yoga Crazy hehehe.

My first Asana analysis was marked “Superb” I am so humbled, anticipated, nervous, and excited about all of this. I feel myself, at home and at peace when I do yoga. It just makes much more sense. I still love my fitness journey doing strength and cardio training sometimes, just dont have much time for that these days.

Yoga is helping me with building strength, flexibility, balance and you can also get your heart rate up with yoga. So, no need to just run and jump around hehehe. You can also incorporate weights.

I am busy with intelligent sequencing, setting up a yoga class. It is quite stressful but also fun. It is only a 15 minute sequence to peak pose and I know I am overthinking this as usual LOL

This weekend we had so much fun. We did Philosophy and Meditation on Saturday and Sunday was the best because our teaching skills was tested hehehe

A pic with my fellow students

Wellness Connection Houtbay

Dream Believe Achieve


My First Asana Analysis

Ardha Chandrasana (Open hip pose)

Ardha Chandrasana has always been a pose I struggle with. My hip and Shoulder alignment is always out, and I think that is why I struggle to balance in this pose. My issues of fear, impatience also plays a role.

Proper preparation poses that will help with the pose; Virabhadrasana 2, Uttanasana, Utthita Parsvottanasana, Utthita Parsvakonasana.

Joint movements:
Standing hip in flexion, knees extended, external rotation of raised hip, lateral extension in spine, shoulders abduct

Muscles used:

hamstrings, quadriceps, gluteus medius,gluteus maximus, calfs

Strengthen quadriceps, lengthen hamstrings, strengthen gluteus medius, gluteus maximus, calf muscles.

Demonstration and Instruction:

The entry pose is Utthita Trikonasana to the right side, with left hand resting on left hip. Exhale and press right hand to the side of right foot beyond little toe. Straighten the right leg and simultaneously lift leg leg parallel to the floor. Extend through the left leg to the heel to keep raised leg strong. Rotate upper torso to the left. Utthita Trikonasana is both starting pose and exit pose for Ardha Chandrasana.

In the 2nd picture my alignment of spine is out, my chest is not open and I seem to lean forward with my upper body.

I tried entering from Virabhadrasana2, back leg too far to lift properly

Making use of props as a beginner, using wall for stability and to prevent tilting anteriorly with pelvis. I find it more stabilized and the alignment of my pelvis and spine is more natural. Doing the pose against the wall gives a chance to feel the shape without the challenge of balancing, allowing you to work on proper alignment.Using the kettlebell for placement of my hand rather than floor. Prevent hyper extending elbows and knees. In the 3rd picture I am over extending my elbow probably because I am holding on to the kettlebell and my hand is suppose to be placed firmly on a block or object not grabbing.

Using a higher block is also useful for beginners to help with balancing.

A variation I find useful is when I start in Ardha Uttanasana, spine long pressing hands onto blocks. Extend and lift back leg behind you(like warrior3).Put left hand on hip and open to half moon, if comfortable lift arm on hip to extend shoulders aligned.

Sources I used: International yoga, yoga journal. And Wellness Connection Manuel

I’m just sharing this as it is my first time and I think I did quite well hehehe

Will I ever be Happy with my body

I can’t understand why I always find fault with my body. I always feel the need to judge myself. If it’s not my tummy, it’s my thighs and butt.

Through all the self judging and dissatisfaction, I am proud of my progress. I must say the journey goes up and down but, I keep moving forward slowly but surely.

I am learning everyday and make it a point to improve. I believe I still need alot of work on my diet. Because I am toning and build muscle but this small layer fat is so tuff to get rid of.

I took this photo without pre-exercise(activated muscles) Lol

To get perfect ab pics I Normally exercise before hand hehehe

Starting the yoga practicing and following a proper exercise plan is working so far. I can’t wait to start with the Nutrition part of my studies as I did not have time yet… Too busy becoming a yogi hehehe

But Yay to Will power and Determination

Let’s Do Health Peeps