My Progress (physically) and my Yoga Teacher training

I’m so happy and excited about this journey. 

Call me crazy but ever since I started with my yoga teacher training, doing yoga fully… I could see a difference in my body in one week.

I never use to practice yoga fully, I only added poses to my exercise routine. But now, hehehe I need to practice 3hours per week as part of my homework and I love it!!! 

I am moving much closer to my goals for my legs and tummy. Yay to yoga!!

Let’s do Health Peeps!!


My Yoga Teacher Training started

I am so excited about this Journey!

This is just a quick update about my busy schedule. I can’t wait to share more and change my blog content. 

I really need to blog more regularly, attract more liked minded people. I love the bloggers I connected with so far, they are awesome bloggers and I am grateful. 

So yes!! Yoga yoga yoga and fitness fitness fitness


My first weekend was quite intense and a lot to learn.

Keep well all and stay Fit and Healthy

Importance of Recovery time/ Rest Day

I must be honest, I never realized the importance of rest day and the periods.

I am at the part of Concepts of Fitness with my studies now. I love this module so much because it touches everything I need to know and actually want to know. The types of fitness, Core fitness, Flexibility, Motor Skill Fitness, etc. The biomechanics part I didn’t like lol but a very important module. 

As I reached the part where I need to learn about the different types of fitness I realized the mistakes I’ve made through my Journey of being a fit mom at home. The challenge of not being aware and educated can lead to injury and not reaching fitness goals effectively. I never realized why there is Leg days, abs days, arms days, because it is important to not work the same muscles everyday. The importance of proper stretching before and after workouts, omw so much I didn’t understand. Never to stop suddenly after exercise with no proper cooldown too. I’m honest, I did that a lot!

The Recovery time (pause) … I can’t believe how a person can think by exercising every day of the week is going to be effective. Especially now that I’m focused on resistance training.  If I look at the principles and factors of fitness, it is just not right. And on top of it I don’t think my routine was right too. 

Muscles need recovery time. It is advised to avoid exercising the same muscles two days in a row. All of the major muscles can be worked at a single session two to three times a week. As I mentioned, that’s where the targeting of specific muscles groups comes in ( legday, armsday).  Recovery allows for the muscle to rebuild itself allowing for size and strength gains.

I’ve learnt from my mistakes and I am looking forward to working properly.

Dream Believe Achieve