The Importance of Correct Form/Alignment during Exercise

I would like to start by saying… (As usual)

I love my Health and Fitness Journey because I learn something new every day. I make mistakes, I sometimes fail but, never give up.

I mentioned in previous blog posts about when I joined the gym a few months ago and how much I love the resistance machines. The progress is good and I just want more and more. Unfortunately because of work, wife and mom duties I couldn’t get to gym for quite a while now. It is a lot of stress as I need to finish my practical hours to finish my Basic Science of Exercise Certificate.

Nevertheless, I am still working out at home. And the “hunger” for toned arms and building some muscle got the best of me. I’ve hurt my sternum(breastbone) on Monday night because I rushed my workout to get things done at home. I didn’t even study yet and I knew how important correct alignment/form is during exercise. Not only to prevent injury but to work all the muscles targeted effectively/ efficiently. Taking in consideration: 

muscular force:  a force that results in an acceleration or deceleration of a second object.   

length-tension relationship:   the length at which the muscles can produce the greatest force. If lengths are altered due to misaligned joints or poor posture, muscles will not produce sufficient force for optimal movement.

 force-velocity curve:  ability of muscles to produce force with increased velocity.

 force-coupled relationships:  muscles move together to produce movement around joint. Muscles pull on the bone they’re connected to. All muscles working together for production of correct movement.

PS: personal trainers info

I was very irresponsible and I must add I am quite upset at myself. I could feel the pain in my chest the next day and also that i didnt have a proper workout. Normally I can feel I’ve worked my muscles the next day.

I need to take things slow now meaning my goal is extended too. 

I mentioned in my blogpost “I’m eating so wrong today” how I see the body as a factory, needing it’s equipment updated and well serviced and the production process that needs to run flawless. Now I go and break machines…

The Moral of the story is,  there are no short cuts when it comes to Health and Fitness. We need to take good care and be gentle with our bodies.

Let’s Do Health


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