Not a Qualified Trainer, conducting a Class

I’ve learnt so much this past 6 months. My studies is going well and the training at the gym Awesome! I can’t believe I hated Gyms, I had a complete wrong idea of it.

I decided to join the gym not only for my practical hours, but also to improve my fitness level. And I am so impressed! My muscle strength and how quick I started to tone. The resistance machines really works.

Working with professionals

I great way to understand and up my knowledge. How they know every detail and they speak pure “fitness language” hehehe

Joined a boot camp session

Oh my hat! I joined this class because of some business venture. The person who gave the class did well, until I picked up some things that could’ve gone terribly wrong because of lack of knowledge. The body alignments etc. I don’t want to go to deep in to it but, I feel people who are not Qualified Trainers or at least busy studying in that field should give classes. 

Someone told me, it is Nonsense. And I quote “who said you need to have a fitness qualification to train”

As a fitness student I simply disagree, and I encourage people to get trained by professionals!
Let’s do Health


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