The Goal versus The End result

Fear = Doubt

It has been almost more than three weeks now. I got stuck again. I went into my corner of fear/doubt/negativity/disbelief

A corner I often visits, a corner I sometimes want to stay in for as long as I want to, knowing it is slowly damaging my inner self. But, it is easier to sit there than to get out and face the world, face the challenge, to stay Positive, to keep Believing and to learn from my Mistakes.

 I am a strong girl, a strong Believer, a Dreamer and an Achiever. I know with every challenge there will be obstacles and I know I can overcome it, but for the past three weeks it felt like I just wanted to not try anymore. I felt like giving up on ambition, to just Exist… Why oh Why? I started to not believe in myself anymore, I started to have more Doubt in myself.

And yet, the strong, courageous, determined girl deep inside of me did not give up. Through all the Fear and Doubt she just don’t give up on me.

The result vs the Goal

I came to realisation, my problem started when I decided to focus more on where I want to be rather than focusing on the Goal and the plan. I wanted the end result so badly, I lost complete focus. It lead to me not doing what I am suppose to in order to reach the end result. For example: my studies, registering my business, set up a business plan, do research, all of it stood still…

There is always Hope

I am glad I can admit when I am making mistakes. I wanted to write so many blog posts already, but because of the corner of self doubt I didn’t want to.

But here I am, not giving up.

The reason I chose Health and Fitness

 I will always say, I just love this Journey!!! The challenge is never ending, the temptations, the emotions, I can name so many. It is not only physical, it is mental and spiritual.

Finding yourself, that self love, innermost, the peace is just wonderful.

On bad days, taking a run or doing a workout at home do wonders. Instant change in moods and mindset. 

We also sometimes forget to pray, just pray..

I plan to make the most of my journey no matter what.

Yay to a Positive Lifestyle no matter What!


It’s not the Tummy, it’s the Thighs

As a fitmom at home I am trying to reach my fitness goals on my own. I will add some yoga, Pilates, concentric,eccentric exercises. Also, cardio, some weight training, bodyweight you name it.

I am quite successful so far, but through this journey I could see which muscles are the toughest. Believe me, I am struggling mostly with my thighs.

My tummy muscles wasn’t that hard to work, yes it is a process and it does take time but, I could reach my abs goal  much quicker than my thighs.

JackMuller/DanieUys Park

I think the thighs needs more work when you’re exercising at home. With leg extension machines you’ll reach your quadriceps faster or let me say targets that specific muscle group more effectively. When you want to target your hamstrings the legcurl machine, I like the legpress machine because you can work quads, hamstrings, glutes and calves.

At home I feel it is much harder, also effective, but more work. The lunge, donkey kicks, leg lifts, jogging, doing stairs ect. That is some of the exercises that’s helping me with thighs. I decided to join the gym just to work on the resistance machines to build my muscle strength. I am looking forward to see the results.

I still believe the Smooth muscle(tummy) not that hard to get rid of. With a proper diet and exercise you can get build abs very quick.

The Thighs…. 

Willowbridge Shopping Centre

I think it is more work because the thighs are made up of soooo many muscles, strap like, short banks ect..

Well, I am still getting there lol

Working the thighs