I am happy with my progress #fitmomathome

Balancing @Tygerfalls

I want to start off by saying hello to everyone.

I think I am one of the most inactively bloggers. I am working on it though. I love expressing myself and sharing, but sometimes I don’t want to share something unless it has good meaning, or can touch someone out there. I’ve started to be more active on Instagram too, I must be honest as a minimalist it’s a little hard to adapt to some things. I do not believe in having too much social media accounts, I thought Facebook and twitter was enough. But, I have plans to start a business and realised Instagram is very much Needed LoL

My fitness progress

I love it I love it! 

My body, mind and soul feel so good. I am so close to getting my dream legs it’s in believable. And then there’s my arms too.. Ooh the deltoids, and my back. I improved with posture and with a lot of exercises I use to struggle with.

Balancing #fitatwork
Balancing #fitatwork

Everyone say tummy muscles is tuff, but know mentioned thighs!

Oh my Hat! Boy, it is tuff to tone thighs, hamstrings and quadriceps. I can’t believe they don’t make a fuss of that, rather than the tummy muscles. I reached my sixpack goal faster than my thighs. In fact, I am still working hard on it. When I started to do more lunges, donkey kicks, plie squats, bridge poses it really helped a lot.

I am still trying my best everyday. I do not plan to give up. I am the happiest I’ve ever been. Having a lovely happy family. We keep on moving forward, working towards a better “us”. God is always on our side, as this is not only a Healthy journey in flesh, but also spiritually. 

I balance my love for Health and fitness. I see to it that I do not obsess about my body, but mostly keeping it healthy and clean as a child of God.

Find your happy place, eliminate everything that’s toxic to your body, mind and soul. Don’t put your trust in food, (binge eating). Pray regularly, even if it’s about something small as to not eat when you’re not hungry. God wants us to be happy. We do not have to walk with long slender legs, or six packs but remember, your well being is important.

A walk at JackMuller/DanieUysPark

Let’s do Health


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