My First Yoga Class @TheLornaJane Active Livingroom Cape Town

I joined a professional yoga class! At last! Hehehe

I can’t say I am an expert, however the vinyasa class last night was not that difficult. The little “selfexperience at home” helped a lot. And because I am always active exercising at home, my bones and joints are doing quite well with movements.

What did I learn at this Session

As I always say, it is very important to seek professional help, guidance and advice.

I’ve learnt I need to work a lot on my breathing. I know I kind of have a problem in that are,  so last night was once again a eye opener how important correct breathing are.

The alignment of my body, feet, hands, hips and head… At home I obviously tried my best to do it correctly, but last night I’ve learnt the how’s and why’s. I just loved it and I am definitely going again.

The Instructor and Staff

Joelle  Sleebos the instructor was so friendly, inviting, she got this welcoming Aura. When I arrived, the ladies was so helpful and friendly too!

The way their materials, fabric felt

I must add, oh my Hat I need to start saving now already because I definitely want to wear Lorna Jane’s Active Wear!! I just love the designs and their QUALITY👌

I’ve added my after the session pic because I want to show off my Deltoid💪

What can I gain

Experience!!! And it’ ll help with my studies too. My goal is to strengthen my core and muscles. I also want to work on my balancing.

Ladies get Inspired, because I am!
Let’s Do Health


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