FitFit Mom at Home

Fit mom, wife, part time student..

I just love this journey! 

It is not always easy, but when I started to take my dream more seriously last year January 2016, it was the Best decision ever! I decided to start a blog about how I make fitness possible at home, no fees, no time away from my family too. We are spending our whole time at work already, our kids are at schools. When we get home, food need to be prepared, homework of kids, homework of mom and dad. Why on earth would I still spend time away from them after hours. Yes, I do have alot of respect for the women going to gym, pilates or yoga classes. I salute all hardworking women who strives to a fit and healthy lifestyle. The extra time we have we need to spend it with our family, having fun together. I choose to spend as much time as possible with them.

Husband and Wife also need to make time for each other to keep the relationship Healthy. We also need to keep our relationship with God Healthy, and isn’t it just beautiful when the whole family do Health together.

How do I make time for my workouts

Photography: Brent Armstrong @JackMuller/DanieUys park
Photography: Brent Armstrong @Table Mountain
Photograhy: Brent Armstrong @Home

I just make time! Hehehe

It is still a challenge, because I started my studies recently. But that is where time management comes in.

Important factor is also the support from your family. You simply need to make it clear to them what your needs are, also take theirs in consideration and compromise. I share my fitness goals with them, I include them too. It took a little while for my husband, but he joined the gym, he also support my changes in food ect.

My love for parks

Photography: Brent Armstrong @Majikforest
Photography: Brent Armstrong @DanieUys/JackMuller park
Photographer: Brent Armstrong @Majikforest
Photography: Brent Armstrong @Majikforest
Photography: Brent Armstrong @Majikforest

I do my workouts at the parks close to me, or let me say the ones I like in Cape Town. Bonus point is the gym equipment at DanieUys/JackMuller Park. My son can ride his bike or play, we jog and walk through the park as a family, and of course mommy gets her daily workout in.

I got my Abs and almost fully toned body at Home 15minutes a day

It is all about consistency, know your limits. You also need to challenge yourself, exceed your expectations. It is possible to get fit at home, always remember to still get advice on body alignments and posture from professionals. You need to ensure you don’t hurt yourself, especially your spine.

But work towards your goals, follow what works for you and not others.

Let’s Do Health


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