21Days-Bread and Sugarfree Challenge, Mommy Fears, Staying Active

I decided to take the challenge of 21Days sugar and bread free. It is my 5th day and I swear I am getting withdrawal symptoms. The funniest thing is, I only drink one teaspoon of sugar in my tea and one and half in my coffee. I also do not eat a lot of sweets unless I really crave for a marshmallow or jelly tot.

Most people only stop the intake of sugar itself, but they forget about the juices they buy etc. Well I decided to cut out anything containing artificial sugars, maybe that’s why it feel so tuff. 

But I would like to inspire people to take the challenge because it is good. Eat the necessary fruits and veggies daily, and chew a sugar free gum when the craving hits.

The fearful mommy of a toddler

Today my son went to Preschool for the very first time. I shared a few days ago about the fears I have, and yes it is still there. However, I am a Believer and that’s why I pray about it. My son was so excited he couldn’t eat his porridge hehehe. He wanted to go to school yesterday already because he woke me up, telling me I must brush his teeth it’s school day. I admit I cried whole day, when we fetched him and I saw that happy face the tears just came.

But that’s the love of a mother 

Staying Active #Bloubergstrand and #Majikforest

I am doing so well with my fitness goals. I decided to go around my favourite places in Cape Town and share how I reach my fitness goals on my own. Yes I am a proud fit Mom and Wife at home. I’m glad to announce I got so far to inspire my husband too!

Fun at Majikforest Durbanville

It was such a nice day

Photo taken by: Brent Armstrong


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