Fears of a mommy

Today I decided to share the blogpost I wanted to share a while ago.

Firstly, I wish everyone a very happy 2017. We are blessed and should give thanks to God.

Indoors for 7days with sick toddler

My poor son was diagnosed with chickenpox last week. Luckily I saw it early enough so I guess it could’ve been worse.

I can’t remember having it as a child. I must say it is Horrible!! I would like to believe that all moms hate seeing their kids suffer. The fever Omw! I felt so weak.. The pox started in his head and mouth and all I could do is comfort him with my love. We had the best meds so Patience was all we needed. He couldn’t where any clothes, and I had to explain over and over why he must be naked. Worst of all is the nightmares, because he is using his imagination so wildly. He explains how the pox infiltrate his heart and brain, how they jump over his whole body exploding… Lol 

To get to the point..

My little boy is going to school for the first time in 9days. I am already terrified about that and then the Pox decided to visit over new years weekend.

I thought I was fine the day of the interview with the principal, but Not. Then the day we had the meeting with his future teacher, seeing all the other parents and kids made me feel good again. As a parent I always look at the environment, actions, the way they speak and the approach. Yes, this is my child’s future so I am judgy and picky. In today’s life we read and hear all the stories of bullying and other terrifying stuff. I know no matter where it is a possibility everywhere, but how high and low is the risk factors. I believe you can see it in the leaders. 

His first day..

I took my annual leave luckily for when my son go to school, because I know I am going to cry my eyes out everyday and i’ll be an emotional wreck. Questions I keep asking, how he will feel, will he make friends easily, will his teacher like him, so so many….

Every time he went to a new day care I was a wreck, but for some reason he was always loved at his schools(daycare). His classmates loved him so much, he is like the little comedian.


He is doing much better, no fever, he is eating well and the talking is again unstoppable. So his went to chemist today, and they say we can wash him now.. Aaaaah, again I do not want to because the pox not gone yet, and the doctor said no bathing.. Fearful mommy

So yes, I am walking with a knot in my throat and tummy. But he believes God always give him great powers, so my trust will be in God just like my little boy put his in God.


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