I am someone who strictly believes in  Self-Motivation. It keeps me going. In order for one to survive in Society you really need to set boundaries and don’t move away from what you believe in to please others. Look at yourself as a Survivor, look at yourself as a Success. No matter in which area of your life, be proud of what you’ve achieved, give yourself credit, look at your progress, and always better yourself in every area of your life.


I made a decision in the beginning of this year, and every short term goal I’ve set so far realised. I have a history of “anxiety and stress” and yes it sometimes can be tough. But I am not set on that, I face the challenge. I will not let it take control over my life because I have Choice, yes that’s one thing God gave us. Everything we do, is our choice! There is no time for blaming and shaming, oh no, I’ve learned to deal with what ever comes my way. If you are wrong, admit, confront, repent.

Everyday is a challenge, I face rejections, people who constantly judge me, bad mouthing you name it.. But hey! who doesn’t??

Free yourself and face the challenges even though you do it with that fear. We can only come out stronger at the end.

As long as you keep your eyes on your goal, every bad thing around you can’t affect you. Work hard and smart, every day is a new day for change, to correct what you did wrong yesterday. Keep moving, you need to have a plan and always take action.

Be proud of what you’ve achieved, as long as there is movement and improvement then you’re on the right road.


I believe every one is Beautiful no matter what. All of us make mistakes and most of us learn from them. Believe in yourself, your Beauty, and don’t forget to always see the Beauty in others too. It can be hard sometimes, but when you try it, you will see it’s actualy not so bad.

When you choose clean eating and exercise, I will say HOORAY!!


Make Healthy choices in all areas of your life.

Remember that living a Healthy Lifestyle is not only about Eating and Exercising..


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