To Stay Fit and Healthy is a Choice

I always laugh silently when I hear people’s ideas, or should I say perspective about living a Healthy lifestyle. Most of us want to make it seem like a sacrifice, or as if it is Too Expensive. I use to think that way too, using the excuse of “living healthy is expensive”

Make small Changes


It is really not necessary to buy expensive foods. I can tell you now, I see people buying them coffees, doughnuts, chips, cool drinks, and sweets each and every day when they are at work… well, do the calculation. To me, that is damn expensive!

When you keep fresh fruit in your fridge, and  snacks like nuts, raisins, dried fruit,  and healthy biscuits I bet you do not need to buy all those unhealthy snacks at work. You will be saving money and invest into your Health. I am sharing this because I always pack lunch to work, I pack my two fruits, some nuts, maybe a biscuit and sometimes I will even have a doughnut at tea break. But I know how to manage my meals each and every day. I won’t eat cupcakes, chocolates, sweets, drink four cups of coffee each and every day. Doing that is just not right!


Body fat Tells

I will never forget, when I use to gym in 2012. I can remember how tuff it was to just go to gym after work of before work in the mornings. I pushed myself, but I didn’t have the understanding of a Healthy and fit Lifestyle yet. I just wanted to be skinny hehehe…

I tried managing my portions, eating healthily, but failed constantly. There was a week when I was eating chocolate whole week, eating big portions of food and bread, sweets ect. ect. So, when I went to the gym I forgot they take your measurements and BMI. I had the shock of my life ,  my BMI changed drastically and the lady told me with all honesty, I definitely ate wrong. I must admit, it is not a nice feeling to hear that while you actually just want to succeed. But, I’ve learned from my mistakes and I am proud of it.


Choose Health

Make a change today, it is such a good feeling to not be bloated all the time. To have a fresh and healthy mind and body.

If you’re not joining a gym, take walks in the park, ride bicycle with your family or skipping at home can be fun too. Just try, and not only see but feel how good it is.

I love it when I see and hear how people want to make a change, trying to eat less to lose weight, or drinking all sorts of diet drinks Lol. I am laughing because it is so sweet and yet I sometimes feel like telling them what the right thing is to do, but I know my place. I will motivate that person because Hey, this lady want to do what’s right for herself! So cheer each other up, that’s why we are women. We need to uplift each other!

I will always say you can lose nothing by living Healthy except for Unhealthy Fat.. oh Yeah





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