It was always more than my Gluteus

I realised I had it totally wrong, all this time I was focusing on the wrong muscles. I’ve been writing (complaining) about my Stubborn Gluteus twice I think.. I must add I did get results, however I could just feel I don’t work the muscles correctly.So, as I am doing the Muscular System I’ve learned alot about the different types of muscles. My problem lies in my Hamstrings. The muscles I feel I struggle with is:

  • Biceps Femoris long and short heads
  • Gracilis
  • Adductor Magnus
  • Semimembranosus Muscle

I am open to any comments from qualified personal trainers and more experienced people. I am not sure if I am putting it out correctly, but I know I had it quite wrong.

It is amazing how important it is to know what your target is and how it must be done. I realised we sometimes just jump into things, reading the internet, acting like “miss know it all” because we only have a vague idea of what it really is about.

I’m not saying every single person must study fitness, but get educated, speak to professionals because you will at least start off with a stable foundation.

I’ve started to do more reps of each exercise targeting the muscle that needs the most work.  Plie Squats works very nice for the inner-thighs and the Donkey Kicks works the Hamstrings well.

The V-ups and Single leg lifts also works well, I like the burn feeling I get, that’s when I know it is working that Tuff muscles!

I must admit, I am still getting very nervous when I am speaking about the Exercise moves and naming the muscle types, putting descriptions of different exercise types in my own words etc…

But this is a Learning Path, and I need to start building my confidence.

I am going to be more active in writing, and most of all start interacting with Fitness Professionals more often.

Let’s stay Fit and Awesome!!



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