New Year’s Resolutions versus Goals




I don’t find it very productive or realistic at all.

We tend to say when the new year starts we are going to change or stop certain things in our lives. Things like:


I can mention so many, because that’s what I hear all the time.

So, the first day of the new year is a Holiday! Everyone or most of us are still on holiday or some are only having that one day off. Now I ask the question, that New Year Resolution was suppose to start on the first day of the New Year. “it is a New Year resolution after all”

Then the famous words comes… ah I can still start tomorrow the year just started… why? Because you are still having a lot of fun in the Sun! Enjoying the time with family, lots of food and drinks, happiness and laughter. (Nothing wrong with that though) However, you did not plan well, you did not set boundaries, you did not make a realistic decision, and most of all. the New Year started and you are still stuck  in your old ways….

It is a sad cycle, repeating itself all the time.



I believe very strongly in GOALS. It can be short term, long term, even mini Goals. It is realistic and Hey! with it comes a Plan + Action .

When we set Goals, we plan because with a goal comes hard work and commitment. We look at the factors which will be having an affect on it, we set boundaries and with all that we start taking action.

When I want to change something that is affecting me in a bad way, I do not say I am going to get rid of it tomorrow or next year. I believe change start NOW! I know for a fact when you keep extending it’ll get much harder to make that change.

If a smoker, drinker, chronic gossiper wants to stop or make a change they need to understand it’ll take time. It is a process, it need hard work and dedication. They will have to start making small changes in order to lessen the habit. It is something that was part of them for so long it is impossible to just STOP. So, I would say that should be a long term goal because it’ll need time and commitment.

I always have Goals in all areas of my life, and whether it is Long term, Short term or Mini Goals I see that I meet them all.

I always make space for the Unexpected; Disappointment; and the GOOD. When you made space for all of that, you are still on the road to SUCCESS!

I would say, setting Goals is much more Realistic and Productive than New Year’s Resolutions.

Don’t wait for tomorrow or worst of all the Next Year to start making Healthy choices in  your life. Start today! Start Now!


It is my opinion and experience, there will be others that see it in a different way and it is Okay…

Stay Happy and full fill your Dreams and Goals, I AM!






I am someone who strictly believes in  Self-Motivation. It keeps me going. In order for one to survive in Society you really need to set boundaries and don’t move away from what you believe in to please others. Look at yourself as a Survivor, look at yourself as a Success. No matter in which area of your life, be proud of what you’ve achieved, give yourself credit, look at your progress, and always better yourself in every area of your life.


I made a decision in the beginning of this year, and every short term goal I’ve set so far realised. I have a history of “anxiety and stress” and yes it sometimes can be tough. But I am not set on that, I face the challenge. I will not let it take control over my life because I have Choice, yes that’s one thing God gave us. Everything we do, is our choice! There is no time for blaming and shaming, oh no, I’ve learned to deal with what ever comes my way. If you are wrong, admit, confront, repent.

Everyday is a challenge, I face rejections, people who constantly judge me, bad mouthing you name it.. But hey! who doesn’t??

Free yourself and face the challenges even though you do it with that fear. We can only come out stronger at the end.

As long as you keep your eyes on your goal, every bad thing around you can’t affect you. Work hard and smart, every day is a new day for change, to correct what you did wrong yesterday. Keep moving, you need to have a plan and always take action.

Be proud of what you’ve achieved, as long as there is movement and improvement then you’re on the right road.


I believe every one is Beautiful no matter what. All of us make mistakes and most of us learn from them. Believe in yourself, your Beauty, and don’t forget to always see the Beauty in others too. It can be hard sometimes, but when you try it, you will see it’s actualy not so bad.

When you choose clean eating and exercise, I will say HOORAY!!


Make Healthy choices in all areas of your life.

Remember that living a Healthy Lifestyle is not only about Eating and Exercising..

To Stay Fit and Healthy is a Choice

I always laugh silently when I hear people’s ideas, or should I say perspective about living a Healthy lifestyle. Most of us want to make it seem like a sacrifice, or as if it is Too Expensive. I use to think that way too, using the excuse of “living healthy is expensive”

Make small Changes


It is really not necessary to buy expensive foods. I can tell you now, I see people buying them coffees, doughnuts, chips, cool drinks, and sweets each and every day when they are at work… well, do the calculation. To me, that is damn expensive!

When you keep fresh fruit in your fridge, and  snacks like nuts, raisins, dried fruit,  and healthy biscuits I bet you do not need to buy all those unhealthy snacks at work. You will be saving money and invest into your Health. I am sharing this because I always pack lunch to work, I pack my two fruits, some nuts, maybe a biscuit and sometimes I will even have a doughnut at tea break. But I know how to manage my meals each and every day. I won’t eat cupcakes, chocolates, sweets, drink four cups of coffee each and every day. Doing that is just not right!


Body fat Tells

I will never forget, when I use to gym in 2012. I can remember how tuff it was to just go to gym after work of before work in the mornings. I pushed myself, but I didn’t have the understanding of a Healthy and fit Lifestyle yet. I just wanted to be skinny hehehe…

I tried managing my portions, eating healthily, but failed constantly. There was a week when I was eating chocolate whole week, eating big portions of food and bread, sweets ect. ect. So, when I went to the gym I forgot they take your measurements and BMI. I had the shock of my life ,  my BMI changed drastically and the lady told me with all honesty, I definitely ate wrong. I must admit, it is not a nice feeling to hear that while you actually just want to succeed. But, I’ve learned from my mistakes and I am proud of it.


Choose Health

Make a change today, it is such a good feeling to not be bloated all the time. To have a fresh and healthy mind and body.

If you’re not joining a gym, take walks in the park, ride bicycle with your family or skipping at home can be fun too. Just try, and not only see but feel how good it is.

I love it when I see and hear how people want to make a change, trying to eat less to lose weight, or drinking all sorts of diet drinks Lol. I am laughing because it is so sweet and yet I sometimes feel like telling them what the right thing is to do, but I know my place. I will motivate that person because Hey, this lady want to do what’s right for herself! So cheer each other up, that’s why we are women. We need to uplift each other!

I will always say you can lose nothing by living Healthy except for Unhealthy Fat.. oh Yeah




It was always more than my Gluteus

I realised I had it totally wrong, all this time I was focusing on the wrong muscles. I’ve been writing (complaining) about my Stubborn Gluteus twice I think.. I must add I did get results, however I could just feel I don’t work the muscles correctly.So, as I am doing the Muscular System I’ve learned alot about the different types of muscles. My problem lies in my Hamstrings. The muscles I feel I struggle with is:

  • Biceps Femoris long and short heads
  • Gracilis
  • Adductor Magnus
  • Semimembranosus Muscle

I am open to any comments from qualified personal trainers and more experienced people. I am not sure if I am putting it out correctly, but I know I had it quite wrong.

It is amazing how important it is to know what your target is and how it must be done. I realised we sometimes just jump into things, reading the internet, acting like “miss know it all” because we only have a vague idea of what it really is about.

I’m not saying every single person must study fitness, but get educated, speak to professionals because you will at least start off with a stable foundation.

I’ve started to do more reps of each exercise targeting the muscle that needs the most work.  Plie Squats works very nice for the inner-thighs and the Donkey Kicks works the Hamstrings well.

The V-ups and Single leg lifts also works well, I like the burn feeling I get, that’s when I know it is working that Tuff muscles!

I must admit, I am still getting very nervous when I am speaking about the Exercise moves and naming the muscle types, putting descriptions of different exercise types in my own words etc…

But this is a Learning Path, and I need to start building my confidence.

I am going to be more active in writing, and most of all start interacting with Fitness Professionals more often.

Let’s stay Fit and Awesome!!