I’ve been struggling with getting results for a while. I maybe didn’t do the right exercises, or I am being impatient or set unrealistic goals.

Well, I am happy to say I am getting results. The two week challenge worked. I worked my legs hard hehehe. I am doing Anatomy and Physiology at the moment, and, boy! I am loving it! To know how the body works, the planes; the bones, the joints; ligaments and muscles. I can’t wait to start sharing more and actually using correct Anatomical terms, muscle terms etc.

The running and jogging helps alot, as I am learning about fast-twitch muscle fibres and slow-twitch muscle fibres, what muscle contraction are… Aaaah I just want to show off now lol But on a serious note, I love the fact that I am learning more about the science of Exercise.

I just want to say, the lunges, squats and jumping jacks works! I am getting closer to my dream legs.



Working harder and Smarter is my next goal. I am planning to up my game.


To stay motivated and determined is key, keeping your eyes on your goals will definitely lead to success.

Keep well and Stay Awesome

God Bless!




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