100% versus 110%

Another week has passed, and here I am sitting, Blessed by the grace of God. I had a very long and depressing week but I am thankful it passed and I am doing well.

Fear or just Not-Willing

I was thinking this whole week about my situation of trying or let me rather say working towards my goals. I am a Credit Advisor, my 8-5 job. While I am working there I am studying part time to become a fitness professional. I am so excited and hyped up about it, I can’t explain.

But I feel I am not giving my All… I have this thing of limiting myself. Yes, I’ve reached my goal to start my studies the exact time I said I will do it, Yes, my short term goal is to enter a Fitness Centre or Gym to just get started with a solid foundation. I actually need to do that as  I still need a mentor. But I am doing nothing, or not enough! I contacted a fitness Instructor already, I phoned a Gym(but fitness manager weren’t available) never called again… I tried contacted a Biokineticist, but also didn’t follow up… Just because I am scared of rejection OMW! It started to look like I am planning to fail more and more… I do have the resources and the support I need, but I am stuck in my comfort zone.

Want things to be too Easy

I grew up in a small town, when I was 19yrs old I worked already and lived on my own. I was living walking distance away from work, got myself a car when I turned 20yrs old. I made sure I don’t have to travel, ask people for help and I could walk to work too.

Now I am a grown up woman, a wife and a mother. But I did not change one bit.

When I moved to Cape Town, I told my husband we’ll be getting a place close to work, I will not put my foot in a taxi, bus or train. Wow, I don’t think there is anything wrong with this, however, I am just being difficult! When I look at some young girls traveling to University or College, also grew up in small towns  They are doing it because they know it’ll pay off at the end of the day. I really feel bad.

Let me cut the long story short, I need to pull my socks up if I want to succeed. Most of the places are in Cape Town, Sea Point ect. and I am just unwilling to drive their because I am scared. My fear for driving to town is tremendously high!

Time Management and Prioritizing

So, I am knotting down everything on paper. My short term goals, how I am going to manage my time daily. I figured out the reason why I keep falling into depression and discouragement , it’s because of my lack of planning.

I get overwhelmed when I get home, need to clean, spend time with my son and husband. Need to study and get a daily workout…

But now I know what I must do to make a success of this. Plan, Write it down, Implement and take Action.

I decided to not want to give 100% But 110%, because should I fail to be able to reach that 110% because of unforeseen circumstances I can be at peace because I then gave atleast my 100%. It is much better THAN to end up giving 80% or 90%






I’ve been struggling with getting results for a while. I maybe didn’t do the right exercises, or I am being impatient or set unrealistic goals.

Well, I am happy to say I am getting results. The two week challenge worked. I worked my legs hard hehehe. I am doing Anatomy and Physiology at the moment, and, boy! I am loving it! To know how the body works, the planes; the bones, the joints; ligaments and muscles. I can’t wait to start sharing more and actually using correct Anatomical terms, muscle terms etc.

The running and jogging helps alot, as I am learning about fast-twitch muscle fibres and slow-twitch muscle fibres, what muscle contraction are… Aaaah I just want to show off now lol But on a serious note, I love the fact that I am learning more about the science of Exercise.

I just want to say, the lunges, squats and jumping jacks works! I am getting closer to my dream legs.



Working harder and Smarter is my next goal. I am planning to up my game.


To stay motivated and determined is key, keeping your eyes on your goals will definitely lead to success.

Keep well and Stay Awesome

God Bless!




`I was complaining about my “stubborn glutes and thighs”, and yes, I didn’t just complain… I took action. The past two weeks was awesome and also a bit stressful.  My son had to go for a minor operation, my study material arrived, I have to look for a mentor/coach. But it is not major, nothing that can’t be solved.

So, lets get back to my moaning of the stubborn areas on my body. I’ve realised sometimes we want to fix things that’s not” broken”. I wanted to try new workouts, forgetting what worked for me at the first place. Trying new workouts are obviously not a bad thing, however I left out what works, focusing so much on making what’s new work.

dsc01680Stacie Clark is my Fitness Hero, every time I do her workouts, I can feel it!! I feel physically, mentally and just my whole Everything !!! I honestly can’t describe the feeling. I can feel every body part getting what’s needed. Today I did:

  • air jump rope
  • jumping jacks
  • lateral lunges
  • wide steps
  • plie squats with weights
  • power lunges
  • pushup shoulder tap
  • mountain climbers
  • split squats

My My….


I am feeling confident again, my next challenge is to do Stacie Clark workouts for the next two weeks, I want to see the results.

A week ago I went for a photoshoot, and I was not happy with my body. I had to remind myself why I have chosen this career. I want to inspire other moms and wives, I want to bring the message across that we need to love the skin we live in, if there is a little “roll” so what! We need to still work on being fit and healthy but not everyone can be a supermodel, or want to look like one.


I am feeling so good today, I am going to embrace every good feeling. Focus on the positive in my life because God has blessed me SO MUCH!!


Lets Stay AWESOME!