I am getting so Impatient with my glutes and thighs!! Omw my abs come so easy and my arms also tones so nicely. The most important parts of my body just feel like taking it very slow. I am not Impressed! I decided to spend some more time in the park, running and walking.

I feel the running and walking will maybe speed things up. I do squats, donkey kicks, scissors, mountain climbers ect. Don’t get me wrong, I do see progress. However, I feel I am doing something wrong.


I am not a fan of planks, and yes because it feels like so much work. However, I do add them to all of my workouts. Plank workouts do wonders to my arms and tummy. It definitely helps strengthening a person’s core. There are so many ways to do planks and to target your whole body.



I am not going to stop what I am doing, but I definitely need to do some more research on my Stubborn glutes and thighs. I did read that there are athletes that also sometimes struggles with that. There is certain body parts that are a little bit lazy, but I am not going deeper into that as I do not have that knowledge.


I decided to take my fitness level a little further. I need to because if I want to be a successful personal trainer I have to up my game. This is me, getting out of my comfort zone. Taking small steps but it is definitely a start to greater things.


I plan to succeed, I want to inspire and help family and friends. Giving up is not an option.

There will be days we feel like giving up, yes! We are just human, BUT it is only a feeling.

A feeling can not keep you away from what you want to achieve, we are in control of our feelings.

Let us Stay Focused, Keeping our eyes on our Goals

Don’t forget to Pray

Keep well and Stay Awesome!


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