Reaching fitness goals at home

Being a Fit Mom At Home is  amazing. I do everything according to my abilities and my time. The best part is that it all works amazingly. I am focused and disciplined because I have a goal… Live Healthy and be Fit

When we set goals for ourselves we tend to succeed. With goals comes a plan, when we follow that plan then I feel there is no space to fail. We are human and alot of factors has a impact on our moods and feelings. I spoke to a nurse on Friday, and she said to live Healthy is a decision, to not get overweight is a decision. She decided at a young age what her dress size is, today she is over 40yrs old and never worn a bigger size as 20yrs ago. She also mentioned we can’t let feelings control us, it is all in our mind, decisions.

I love going to Table Mountain with my family. It is healthy and walking can do amazing things to our health. Getting in a workout for the day and the Best is, I spent time with my family. We already spend so much time away from family being at work, school, need to go to church, studying,  do shopping for the house ect. I refuse to miss out that little time we have to bond as a family.


Everything I do on a daily basis, I somehow find a way to either work my glutes, abs or legs. I always wanted a toned body, when I started to exercise regularly I saw it is possible. The 7 Women’s Health Magazine dvd’s I own are doing wonders to me.


I strive to succeed, to help others by inspiring and motivating people. Today I am going to register to start my studies in Exercise Science. I am very excited to start.


We do not need fancy equipment to start reaching fitness goals. I can remember only having two Women’s Health Magazine dvds and the magazines itself. I then invested in 2kg weights, after that a exercise mat. My husband bought me kettlebells and it took a while before I actually started to use it.

Make Healthy decisions, it is good for you and no one else. Set goals, draw up a plan, start small and be patient with yourself. Everything in life takes time and we need to accept it and live with it. There will be days you don’t feel like getting out of bed, but you Must! Who is going to pay your bills??? It is the same with my Healthy decisions, to feel good from inside and Glow outside.

Trust God in everything you do!

Keep Well and Stay Awesome



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