For the past two weeks I was thinking really hard of how I can express myself regarding COMPARING MYSELF TO OTHERS

I had to admit to myself I do fall into that trap quite often, and it need to stop. As a child of God I know who I am in him, I know my worth. But sadly I do sometimes get caught up in what SOCIETY…  thinks is good or cool. I know I just have to go on my knees and pray about any struggle I have. And yes, that’s what I do. I do have my health and fitness struggles too… Yes we can turn to God with that too.


I came across some old photos, where I was really battling with COMPARISON. I was blinded by wanting to be like the world, meanwhile I just had to turn to God. In the same breath I must also say that I am very Happy, but I always struggled with COMPARISON.



I believe in any struggle we should commit to God, when I made the choice to give up everything that can harm my Health and relationship with God everything just fell into place. I am not saying everything comes easy, but I surely deal with it in a Much Healthier way!

Being diverse, embracing different cultures and different people are very good. Giving others a chance by getting to know their stories before we judge, learning from them.. Knowing your own culture, your history, taking interest in your own country and people as well as other places. I have heard people say God say we must Love each other we don’t have to like each other. I must say I do not agree, yes, we do have dislikes in people maybe what they do or what their beliefs are, but I find it pretty hard to believe you can love and dislike someone as an individual. So let me correct that saying “you can dislike my actions and still love me”

I add a photo of how I celebrated AFRICA DAY, I just loved the look!


We are all Beautiful children of God, Whatever the struggle keep going.

Living Healthy is more than clean eating and exercise


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