I am a dreamer, a believer and a achiever. Yes, that’s me!

I just want to share my EXCITEMENT of my great experience today. I had the opportunity to “pose” for a professional photoshoot. Not any photoshoot, and not for any other place but my favorite and the BEST  magazine WH!! 

The shoot took place at the Sports Science Institute of SA. I can’t explain how nervous I was, as I am sitting here right now my tummy still have butterflies. I always wanted to get in contact with them, today I had my chance 🙂

I am so excited to start my studies in fitness, and yes that ball is rolling! I have so much in mind, so much I want to offer. I want to make a change in peoples lives… a good one. One of my fb followers asked me this week when do I start my boot camp.. hehehe That’s when I just decided to get on with it. I need those papers, nothing will stand in my way now anymore, I need to make it possible. I trust in the Almighty, as a woman of God I believe his time is the Perfect time (not mine)

Here is a photo I took the first time I wanted to send my weight loss story to WH but failed send it 2013


I lost 4kg when I took this photo, I was inspired by the DVD’s WH published. I tried it and it worked. I stopped, and  got back on to it, and yes it still works. I am just more focused and consistent than I use to be.

get up

When we put our mind to something, anything is possible. Set realistic goals, plan well, implement and keep focus.

Love yourself enough to do what’s best for you.

Healthy living changed my whole life, I have a good and close relationship with God like never before, that was always my dream.

Healthy living is more than clean eating and exercise


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