I am getting so Impatient with my glutes and thighs!! Omw my abs come so easy and my arms also tones so nicely. The most important parts of my body just feel like taking it very slow. I am not Impressed! I decided to spend some more time in the park, running and walking.

I feel the running and walking will maybe speed things up. I do squats, donkey kicks, scissors, mountain climbers ect. Don’t get me wrong, I do see progress. However, I feel I am doing something wrong.


I am not a fan of planks, and yes because it feels like so much work. However, I do add them to all of my workouts. Plank workouts do wonders to my arms and tummy. It definitely helps strengthening a person’s core. There are so many ways to do planks and to target your whole body.



I am not going to stop what I am doing, but I definitely need to do some more research on my Stubborn glutes and thighs. I did read that there are athletes that also sometimes struggles with that. There is certain body parts that are a little bit lazy, but I am not going deeper into that as I do not have that knowledge.


I decided to take my fitness level a little further. I need to because if I want to be a successful personal trainer I have to up my game. This is me, getting out of my comfort zone. Taking small steps but it is definitely a start to greater things.


I plan to succeed, I want to inspire and help family and friends. Giving up is not an option.

There will be days we feel like giving up, yes! We are just human, BUT it is only a feeling.

A feeling can not keep you away from what you want to achieve, we are in control of our feelings.

Let us Stay Focused, Keeping our eyes on our Goals

Don’t forget to Pray

Keep well and Stay Awesome!


Reaching fitness goals at home

Being a Fit Mom At Home is  amazing. I do everything according to my abilities and my time. The best part is that it all works amazingly. I am focused and disciplined because I have a goal… Live Healthy and be Fit

When we set goals for ourselves we tend to succeed. With goals comes a plan, when we follow that plan then I feel there is no space to fail. We are human and alot of factors has a impact on our moods and feelings. I spoke to a nurse on Friday, and she said to live Healthy is a decision, to not get overweight is a decision. She decided at a young age what her dress size is, today she is over 40yrs old and never worn a bigger size as 20yrs ago. She also mentioned we can’t let feelings control us, it is all in our mind, decisions.

I love going to Table Mountain with my family. It is healthy and walking can do amazing things to our health. Getting in a workout for the day and the Best is, I spent time with my family. We already spend so much time away from family being at work, school, need to go to church, studying,  do shopping for the house ect. I refuse to miss out that little time we have to bond as a family.


Everything I do on a daily basis, I somehow find a way to either work my glutes, abs or legs. I always wanted a toned body, when I started to exercise regularly I saw it is possible. The 7 Women’s Health Magazine dvd’s I own are doing wonders to me.


I strive to succeed, to help others by inspiring and motivating people. Today I am going to register to start my studies in Exercise Science. I am very excited to start.


We do not need fancy equipment to start reaching fitness goals. I can remember only having two Women’s Health Magazine dvds and the magazines itself. I then invested in 2kg weights, after that a exercise mat. My husband bought me kettlebells and it took a while before I actually started to use it.

Make Healthy decisions, it is good for you and no one else. Set goals, draw up a plan, start small and be patient with yourself. Everything in life takes time and we need to accept it and live with it. There will be days you don’t feel like getting out of bed, but you Must! Who is going to pay your bills??? It is the same with my Healthy decisions, to feel good from inside and Glow outside.

Trust God in everything you do!

Keep Well and Stay Awesome



For the past two weeks I was thinking really hard of how I can express myself regarding COMPARING MYSELF TO OTHERS

I had to admit to myself I do fall into that trap quite often, and it need to stop. As a child of God I know who I am in him, I know my worth. But sadly I do sometimes get caught up in what SOCIETY…  thinks is good or cool. I know I just have to go on my knees and pray about any struggle I have. And yes, that’s what I do. I do have my health and fitness struggles too… Yes we can turn to God with that too.


I came across some old photos, where I was really battling with COMPARISON. I was blinded by wanting to be like the world, meanwhile I just had to turn to God. In the same breath I must also say that I am very Happy, but I always struggled with COMPARISON.



I believe in any struggle we should commit to God, when I made the choice to give up everything that can harm my Health and relationship with God everything just fell into place. I am not saying everything comes easy, but I surely deal with it in a Much Healthier way!

Being diverse, embracing different cultures and different people are very good. Giving others a chance by getting to know their stories before we judge, learning from them.. Knowing your own culture, your history, taking interest in your own country and people as well as other places. I have heard people say God say we must Love each other we don’t have to like each other. I must say I do not agree, yes, we do have dislikes in people maybe what they do or what their beliefs are, but I find it pretty hard to believe you can love and dislike someone as an individual. So let me correct that saying “you can dislike my actions and still love me”

I add a photo of how I celebrated AFRICA DAY, I just loved the look!


We are all Beautiful children of God, Whatever the struggle keep going.

Living Healthy is more than clean eating and exercise




I am a dreamer, a believer and a achiever. Yes, that’s me!

I just want to share my EXCITEMENT of my great experience today. I had the opportunity to “pose” for a professional photoshoot. Not any photoshoot, and not for any other place but my favorite and the BEST  magazine WH!! 

The shoot took place at the Sports Science Institute of SA. I can’t explain how nervous I was, as I am sitting here right now my tummy still have butterflies. I always wanted to get in contact with them, today I had my chance 🙂

I am so excited to start my studies in fitness, and yes that ball is rolling! I have so much in mind, so much I want to offer. I want to make a change in peoples lives… a good one. One of my fb followers asked me this week when do I start my boot camp.. hehehe That’s when I just decided to get on with it. I need those papers, nothing will stand in my way now anymore, I need to make it possible. I trust in the Almighty, as a woman of God I believe his time is the Perfect time (not mine)

Here is a photo I took the first time I wanted to send my weight loss story to WH but failed send it 2013


I lost 4kg when I took this photo, I was inspired by the DVD’s WH published. I tried it and it worked. I stopped, and  got back on to it, and yes it still works. I am just more focused and consistent than I use to be.

get up

When we put our mind to something, anything is possible. Set realistic goals, plan well, implement and keep focus.

Love yourself enough to do what’s best for you.

Healthy living changed my whole life, I have a good and close relationship with God like never before, that was always my dream.

Healthy living is more than clean eating and exercise