Excuses and Judging

It is so easy for people to judge other’s weight, body shapes, what and how they eat. I must admit I use to be one of those people, and I thank God for opening my heart and eyes. I often here how ladies like to  say “ I am round and proud” well, be round and proud but are you Healthy Round and Proud! It is obvious that not everyone can have thin bodies with long beautiful legs. What we don’t realise is that we use that types of phrases to make ourselves feel better. Yes, when that type of phrases are used is only when they see someone eating healthy everyday, someone that is trying to change their diet by starting off with weigh less programs or a diet programs and joining the gym… the person starting to make a change by living the healthy way appears more happy and the changes is visible. I see this everyday, especially at work. I also heard them say ” I am a mom, I carried a life, my body changed so why must I be ashamed”   uhm… I am also a very proud mom, and yes our bodies do change, but is it an excuse for me to over indulge with unhealthy foods and on top of it I don’t even have a active lifestyle.

Recently my colleagues and I was looking at swimwear, I commented that I don’t feel comfortable in two pieces anymore, and oh my word, the other lady’s precise words ” this skinny ladies think that we that’s fat can’t look sexy’ yes! I was shocked, I told her everyone can look good no matter what, as long as you choose something that compliments your body, you’ll look good. I never tell people you can’t because I believe anyone can. It is just sad that people feel it is fine to judge people who are striving to live a healthy and fit lifestyle. They are trying to look away from them doing nothing and feel it is fine to make the Willing feel bad for making a change.

We can’t use excuses like being a mother, or never been a skinny person, life is too busy… shift the focus to make a change in your health. Don’t  put your faith in food or wanting to be skinny, or diets. We can turn to God in such situations too.

I am Willing and Determined: sharing a few of my workouts I do in the comfort of my own home and sometimes at the park


I must admit, I do not like plank exercises LOL but I still do it! need to strengthen my core


The mountain climbers also not a favourite, but I want that toned legs and arms


As long as I can feel that glutes and hamstrings burn

Don’t stop trying, no matter how small the steps. Don’t wait for illness to knock on your door in order to start making a change.

Commit to the Lord whatever you do, and he will establish your plans PROVERBS 16:3



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