I have always been someone who believed in Self-Motivation

I can remember how my mother use to tell me I should never compare myself to others, how I should never want to look the same as others or be like anyone else but myself. When I use to tell her what new clothes or toys my friends has, she would remind me of what I have and how unique and different I am. Well, I thank her for that today. I became a strong woman who never puts myself down, who strive for success in everything I do, I learn from my mistakes and always keep my head up high.

My goal is to reach my Fitness level at home, with no excessive training or long hours at a gym. I can see differences with each new workout I do in almost less than 2weeks. I want others to know that anything is possible if you put your mind to it and when you implement. When I say my Fitness level it means my why, my time, on my own pace. I obviously follow the right advice from professionals and do my research. But I am the one that keeps myself Going!


I don’t have a coach or companion who are there to motivate me on my off days. That is why when I feel discouraged or demotivated, I let it be. Yes, I let it be because it is My OFF DAY, I deal with it and deep inside myself I know where I want to be, what my goals are and yes, I will have to get myself together atleast by the next day hehehe.

We need to understand our values, our priorities, our goals, our beliefs, just… who we are. There will be off days, but it is not the end of who and what we are. Take it one step at a time. Be patient with yourself, appreciate help and accept when others offer some. Get Inspired


I am Determined: certainty; guts; courage

When I was very young my friend’s mom told me that in life we must always make space for disappointment and I lived by that all my life. I will be ready for the Good and the Bad and it works for me. I don’t expect perfection in everything, or that everything must just happen the way I planned it.. no. I am strong and able to take it no matter how. I plan and I am going to reach my Fitness Level my Way.

I love learning from others, getting inspired by their success stories and feel proud of them. Yes, I know there is a spark in each one of us.

I say we’re all awesome and unique, so lets live by it!


Look at how far you’ve come, set short term and long term goals. Be realistic, I know what it is to want change NOW but unfortunately it does not work that way. But I can assure you, consistency is KEY.



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