A HABIT- a settled or regular tendency or practice OR an addictive practice hard to give up

When it comes to habits everyone has it, whether it’s Good or Bad ones. I was thinking about this last week as I had a moment of Discouragement. I recently gave up the habit of drinking coffee just because I am bored and because I can. I always use to drink more than 3cups of coffee a day, WOW that’s just bad. It gave me heartburn and a weird taste in my mouth. But I loved it, because it was the first thing I did in the morning before work, when I got to work I’ll have another one, tea time the same, just before lunch sometimes and before I go home. It was like a routine, it felt right because that’s what I did everyday.

I use to smoke occasionally because I liked the idea of having a cigarette in my hand while having a drink. I use to feel very sick the next day, my chest was tight and my voice gone. It didn’t stop me from doing it because how can I enjoy my drink without it, I use to love the feeling too. It was a very bad habit, the funny part is… when I didn’t have a drink I didn’t even crave to smoke. The smoking had a huge affect on my health and I just needed to stop, I felt that I just couldn’t give up. It was part of me, I was use to it, the same with my coffee habit. It just felt how do I stop something I am so use to.


A CHALLENGE: dispute the truth or validity of OR a call to prove or justify something

I decided to challenge myself, yes! I disputed, I wanted to test myself, I Challenged myself. There are so many Health ideas, tips and remedies. We all read them, like the pages on Facebook, save them on pinterest, read health blogs… But do we actually try them.

I took that challenge! I decided to give up everything that’s not good for my health. I atleast tried and well, it is not so bad when a person start doing and talk less. My coffee habit stopped in a week,  I replaced my morning cup with a cup of lemon water, I eat a bowl of porridge to kick -start my day healthily. I can happily say I drink one cup of coffee a day and no heartburn for me anymore. The smoking stopped 8months ago, so that’s a bit of a old story and Yay to me!

If you’re curious about something take the challenge, if it can be a benefit to you DO IT! I challenge different workouts every time. I can then gladly say if it really works or not because I have done it. It’s not going to help seeing others do something and you can see how it works for them while you do nothing.

I always wanted legs like Celine Dion slim, toned and sexy. So, I am gonna get them baby! That’s my challenge.

If you look at people with good bodies, all of that muscle and that flat tummies of mommies. It can be you too, I’ve learned they work for it. My husband will always tell me, those people are doing that as  their job, they must look like that, they eat, breath and live for that. While we are normal working people trying to achieve that on our own pace. Yes, it is true, Yes it’ll take a little longer for you that need to make time for that if it’s possible sometimes. Doing it your way, on Your time, it is the best. I do not compare myself to others because I’ll end up being sick, however I am working towards my goal and I will take that Challenge and show not only myself but to others it is Possible!


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