DESIRE (a strong feeling of wanting to have something or wishing for something to happen)

Today I’ve read again one of the best devotions by my now favourite author Lysa TerKeurst. She spoke about Craving and Desiring which touched me immediately. Because of my Desire to make a change in others lives through motivation and the sharing of my personal experiences as a individual striving to succeed in everything I do.

I thought of all my Desires, My Cravings, trying to figure out if it is all from God, is it really good for me to have this Hunger, which sometimes feel like a need. When I speak about my desires and cravings:

  • The need to achieve my goal in becoming a qualified Fitness Expert
  • The need to let others know how good I am in what I do
  • The need to get recognition and be seen as successful
  • The need to always help others that’s in need
  • The need to always have a smile on my face, try and make others happy
  • The need to obey God in everything I do
  • The need to follow scripture every day for spiritual growth

I am just mentioning a few to give an idea of what I am trying to say. All of these can be not a need and some of them really are. The only thing is just that we need to sit, write all of it down, see what’s really important and always use prayer and wisdom.

I always say Healthy living is more than  clean eating and exercise. My reason for saying that, is because it is the TRUTH. The day I made the Healthy decision my whole life changed, not only am I keeping a hot sexy body(hehehe) ; I grew spiritually and mentally stronger.

I became a better wife and mother, a woman doing more productive things around the house, more things in life started to make sense, I can differentiate what’s important and not, I’ve learnt to say yes to what I can not being scared to say no. I can mention so many.

At the end of the day we need to understand the difference between Good Cravings and Desires and the Bad. Think about the long run, are you pleasing yourself for only temporary satisfaction??

Lets stay focused on what’s good for us not temporary but permanently.

Live Healthy! Be Happy!


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