Excuses and Judging

It is so easy for people to judge other’s weight, body shapes, what and how they eat. I must admit I use to be one of those people, and I thank God for opening my heart and eyes. I often here how ladies like to  say “ I am round and proud” well, be round and proud but are you Healthy Round and Proud! It is obvious that not everyone can have thin bodies with long beautiful legs. What we don’t realise is that we use that types of phrases to make ourselves feel better. Yes, when that type of phrases are used is only when they see someone eating healthy everyday, someone that is trying to change their diet by starting off with weigh less programs or a diet programs and joining the gym… the person starting to make a change by living the healthy way appears more happy and the changes is visible. I see this everyday, especially at work. I also heard them say ” I am a mom, I carried a life, my body changed so why must I be ashamed”   uhm… I am also a very proud mom, and yes our bodies do change, but is it an excuse for me to over indulge with unhealthy foods and on top of it I don’t even have a active lifestyle.

Recently my colleagues and I was looking at swimwear, I commented that I don’t feel comfortable in two pieces anymore, and oh my word, the other lady’s precise words ” this skinny ladies think that we that’s fat can’t look sexy’ yes! I was shocked, I told her everyone can look good no matter what, as long as you choose something that compliments your body, you’ll look good. I never tell people you can’t because I believe anyone can. It is just sad that people feel it is fine to judge people who are striving to live a healthy and fit lifestyle. They are trying to look away from them doing nothing and feel it is fine to make the Willing feel bad for making a change.

We can’t use excuses like being a mother, or never been a skinny person, life is too busy… shift the focus to make a change in your health. Don’t  put your faith in food or wanting to be skinny, or diets. We can turn to God in such situations too.

I am Willing and Determined: sharing a few of my workouts I do in the comfort of my own home and sometimes at the park


I must admit, I do not like plank exercises LOL but I still do it! need to strengthen my core


The mountain climbers also not a favourite, but I want that toned legs and arms


As long as I can feel that glutes and hamstrings burn

Don’t stop trying, no matter how small the steps. Don’t wait for illness to knock on your door in order to start making a change.

Commit to the Lord whatever you do, and he will establish your plans PROVERBS 16:3




I have always been someone who believed in Self-Motivation

I can remember how my mother use to tell me I should never compare myself to others, how I should never want to look the same as others or be like anyone else but myself. When I use to tell her what new clothes or toys my friends has, she would remind me of what I have and how unique and different I am. Well, I thank her for that today. I became a strong woman who never puts myself down, who strive for success in everything I do, I learn from my mistakes and always keep my head up high.

My goal is to reach my Fitness level at home, with no excessive training or long hours at a gym. I can see differences with each new workout I do in almost less than 2weeks. I want others to know that anything is possible if you put your mind to it and when you implement. When I say my Fitness level it means my why, my time, on my own pace. I obviously follow the right advice from professionals and do my research. But I am the one that keeps myself Going!


I don’t have a coach or companion who are there to motivate me on my off days. That is why when I feel discouraged or demotivated, I let it be. Yes, I let it be because it is My OFF DAY, I deal with it and deep inside myself I know where I want to be, what my goals are and yes, I will have to get myself together atleast by the next day hehehe.

We need to understand our values, our priorities, our goals, our beliefs, just… who we are. There will be off days, but it is not the end of who and what we are. Take it one step at a time. Be patient with yourself, appreciate help and accept when others offer some. Get Inspired


I am Determined: certainty; guts; courage

When I was very young my friend’s mom told me that in life we must always make space for disappointment and I lived by that all my life. I will be ready for the Good and the Bad and it works for me. I don’t expect perfection in everything, or that everything must just happen the way I planned it.. no. I am strong and able to take it no matter how. I plan and I am going to reach my Fitness Level my Way.

I love learning from others, getting inspired by their success stories and feel proud of them. Yes, I know there is a spark in each one of us.

I say we’re all awesome and unique, so lets live by it!


Look at how far you’ve come, set short term and long term goals. Be realistic, I know what it is to want change NOW but unfortunately it does not work that way. But I can assure you, consistency is KEY.


A HABIT- a settled or regular tendency or practice OR an addictive practice hard to give up

When it comes to habits everyone has it, whether it’s Good or Bad ones. I was thinking about this last week as I had a moment of Discouragement. I recently gave up the habit of drinking coffee just because I am bored and because I can. I always use to drink more than 3cups of coffee a day, WOW that’s just bad. It gave me heartburn and a weird taste in my mouth. But I loved it, because it was the first thing I did in the morning before work, when I got to work I’ll have another one, tea time the same, just before lunch sometimes and before I go home. It was like a routine, it felt right because that’s what I did everyday.

I use to smoke occasionally because I liked the idea of having a cigarette in my hand while having a drink. I use to feel very sick the next day, my chest was tight and my voice gone. It didn’t stop me from doing it because how can I enjoy my drink without it, I use to love the feeling too. It was a very bad habit, the funny part is… when I didn’t have a drink I didn’t even crave to smoke. The smoking had a huge affect on my health and I just needed to stop, I felt that I just couldn’t give up. It was part of me, I was use to it, the same with my coffee habit. It just felt how do I stop something I am so use to.


A CHALLENGE: dispute the truth or validity of OR a call to prove or justify something

I decided to challenge myself, yes! I disputed, I wanted to test myself, I Challenged myself. There are so many Health ideas, tips and remedies. We all read them, like the pages on Facebook, save them on pinterest, read health blogs… But do we actually try them.

I took that challenge! I decided to give up everything that’s not good for my health. I atleast tried and well, it is not so bad when a person start doing and talk less. My coffee habit stopped in a week,  I replaced my morning cup with a cup of lemon water, I eat a bowl of porridge to kick -start my day healthily. I can happily say I drink one cup of coffee a day and no heartburn for me anymore. The smoking stopped 8months ago, so that’s a bit of a old story and Yay to me!

If you’re curious about something take the challenge, if it can be a benefit to you DO IT! I challenge different workouts every time. I can then gladly say if it really works or not because I have done it. It’s not going to help seeing others do something and you can see how it works for them while you do nothing.

I always wanted legs like Celine Dion slim, toned and sexy. So, I am gonna get them baby! That’s my challenge.

If you look at people with good bodies, all of that muscle and that flat tummies of mommies. It can be you too, I’ve learned they work for it. My husband will always tell me, those people are doing that as  their job, they must look like that, they eat, breath and live for that. While we are normal working people trying to achieve that on our own pace. Yes, it is true, Yes it’ll take a little longer for you that need to make time for that if it’s possible sometimes. Doing it your way, on Your time, it is the best. I do not compare myself to others because I’ll end up being sick, however I am working towards my goal and I will take that Challenge and show not only myself but to others it is Possible!



Today is one of those days that I just feel like I don’t care.. at first I thought I don’t know why I am feeling this way but I think I always do. I just don’t want to admit it.

When I feel this way I normally just let it be, it is such a heavy feeling it keeps me away from wanting to pray, smile, having good thoughts and just be the happy me. The only difference with this mood is that I know I am happy, however I do not want to admit or  say it out loud or even softly to myself what triggers this. I told myself today, maybe my week was too hectic, maybe I was too positive and excited.  I’ve been so excited about many things. Starting with my studies soon, visiting The Shala Yoga School….

After a long day at work, coming home with this excitement and the moment I wanted to take a phew fitness pics for my Facebook page… YES that’s where it got worse.. the feeling of disappointment. So, why disappointed?? looking at what could be and not how far I came already. I am suppose to be proud for how far I came and not look at where other people are now. The main thing with us as individuals are the fact that we forget every single person had to work for where they are now. I know all of it, but today is my day of wanting to feel down and depressed.



Then I also ask the question is it normal to want to feel this way? DOWN AND OUT, well maybe it’s not.

I am going to take a break today, I am going to love myself for who I am now and enjoy this beautiful weekend with my family. I have a very hyperactive and happy 4yr old son who has his daddy’s happy go lucky personality and that’s all I need now.

I think I just had to let it out, say it and admit it. I already feel better.

My moto is to always try to see the positive in every situation, and my positive now, today is… I know I am going to succeed because giving up was never an option.

Keep Well and Stay Awesome!

Are You Happy with what you’ve found in Yourself

I can remember my search started at the age of sixteen. When I say search, I mean the search of “who am I” what do I want to achieve in life” what’s my dreams and goals”

I must say finding myself wasn’t that difficult, because I believe when you know what you want in life it can be quite easy. It is the choices we make a long the way that sometimes leave us with confusion. But, if you set your goals, standards, priorities and uses integrity you can’t easily lose yourself.

Enjoy the journey and stay focused on loving yourself at all times. Be proud of your achievements doesn’t matter how big or small. Just don’t lose focus on what’s important to you!

I am Happy with what I’ve Found!!


DESIRE (a strong feeling of wanting to have something or wishing for something to happen)

Today I’ve read again one of the best devotions by my now favourite author Lysa TerKeurst. She spoke about Craving and Desiring which touched me immediately. Because of my Desire to make a change in others lives through motivation and the sharing of my personal experiences as a individual striving to succeed in everything I do.

I thought of all my Desires, My Cravings, trying to figure out if it is all from God, is it really good for me to have this Hunger, which sometimes feel like a need. When I speak about my desires and cravings:

  • The need to achieve my goal in becoming a qualified Fitness Expert
  • The need to let others know how good I am in what I do
  • The need to get recognition and be seen as successful
  • The need to always help others that’s in need
  • The need to always have a smile on my face, try and make others happy
  • The need to obey God in everything I do
  • The need to follow scripture every day for spiritual growth

I am just mentioning a few to give an idea of what I am trying to say. All of these can be not a need and some of them really are. The only thing is just that we need to sit, write all of it down, see what’s really important and always use prayer and wisdom.

I always say Healthy living is more than  clean eating and exercise. My reason for saying that, is because it is the TRUTH. The day I made the Healthy decision my whole life changed, not only am I keeping a hot sexy body(hehehe) ; I grew spiritually and mentally stronger.

I became a better wife and mother, a woman doing more productive things around the house, more things in life started to make sense, I can differentiate what’s important and not, I’ve learnt to say yes to what I can not being scared to say no. I can mention so many.

At the end of the day we need to understand the difference between Good Cravings and Desires and the Bad. Think about the long run, are you pleasing yourself for only temporary satisfaction??

Lets stay focused on what’s good for us not temporary but permanently.

Live Healthy! Be Happy!