I believe all of us go through alot of feelings each and every day. Society, friends and family has a huge impact on it too. We can often get caught up in a life that not “you” want to live but either a life others expect you to live. Well, I can speak out of experience. I’ve lived for people too long, however I also learnt alot and God still loves me and knew I would find myself at the right time and the right way. I am happy for who I am today, I’ve always loved myself enough to know I should make the right decisions irrespective hurting some people in the process. Hurting not because of ill feelings or hate, but because a person need to do what’s best for yourself and the people you love.


I’ve learnt “guilt” is not from God. We need to accept our failures, our mistakes and learn from them. To forgive and to move on is the best for your Health. If you are stuck because of guilt feelings today, pray about it and write down what makes you feel that way. Erase what’s keeping you back and take that step to making a good change for yourself. The moment you going to make that Good Change you’ll feel so relieved and Happy! I can remember when I decided to do what makes me Happy, it is a WOW feeling!! You’ll feel free and clean from the inside!


I am a very bad cook and I am not shy to say it, I do sometimes try. Recently I tried to bake muffins… and believe me even if it’s the ready made mix I just can’t get it right. But I don’t feel bad about it I laugh about it and can speak about it freely. The people tend to tell me wow you’re terrible,  the other day I told a lady I can’t make soup and she kind of got upset at me, but I don’t care, I am good at  other things. God has blessed me with a husband that loves cooking.

Celebrate with what you’re good at, not what people expect you to be. God gave us all gifts and it differs. One thing we can do is shift our mindsets when it comes to living a Healthy lifestyle. I believe it is quite difficult for people who didn’t grow up like that. I am someone who don’t believe in using salt when making food, where it is quite difficult for my husband so we will always differ when it comes to that. But I know he tries and do make changes when it comes to buying healthy foods and I love him for that.

Lets start making a change at home then we take it outside. As long as  it is for a Good cause there can be no harm.

Find what can work for you, get inspired, and follow Good Advice



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