Healthy people get Cravings too

When you’re focused on your health, striving everyday to do what’s right for you it is quite difficult to get lost in Unhealthy Habits.

When I say ‘Healthy People’ it doesn’t  mean ‘Perfect People’. We just know what is right for our bodies, lifestyle. It is about being realistic and focused on your needs and not wants. To know what’s right is actually not that difficult because our experience got us where we are. Making Good decisions!

Do you really need to eat a take away burger with a soda for lunch??? A chocolate as a snack and 4 cups of coffee/cappuccinos on top of that the famous packets of chips…. every time I hear the opening of a soda can, or seeing people eating take aways each and every day!! It is really killing me I must be honest.

I do get cravings too, yes,  Cravings for a warm cup of lemon water or tea; peanuts as a snack; a lovely stirfry for dinner or even lunch; paella; I love pastas with lots of veggies!!! yum yum. And do not leave out the fact that I always crave to Exercise!!! YES call me crazy but I use every opportunity I get to exercise for example: Doing scissors while in bed, sit ups and my favourite is Squats yes I do them before bathing, when I am busy in kitchen, when I am at work I do it with every bathroom break hehehe

When it comes to UNHEALTHY CRAVINGS it can be stopped. YES, being a ex hot chips lover I experienced lately the craving for nice salty, vinegary hot chips and I just simply did not give in to it. I know what that does to a person’s Health. Not only do you gain alot of  unnecessary  fat, but it has an affect on your health over all.

Lets face it, eating all that nice UNHEALTHY foods is nice, it is YUM but for how long???

Do you gain any good benefits from it?? NO! I know what that can do to a person, you become lazy, slobby, moody and unhappy. You’ll try to cheer yourself up by making excuses not to make a good change, you’ll start judging everyone that’s trying to live a good and healthy lifestyle, you’ll start disliking everyone that’s trying to help you and yet you are your worst enemy. ADMIT, ACCEPT and IMPLEMENT.

Now I want you to ask  yourself  what bad is going to come to you when you exercise daily, eating Healthy every day, getting in the right amount of Nutrients every day.

My husband bought me this book called CRAVING GOD and I love it. Yesterday I read  the first Devotion/Story and I was touched. It tells how much God loves us for who we are no matter what.

A lady  had a long struggle with losing weight on her journey toward Health. Her friend saw a before and after photo of her and this lady’s young son came in, that is when she told the son “wow can you believe that was your mom she lost so much weight, doesn’t she look great” the son looked back and forth very confused.. and answered: “they both look like Mamma to me”

Auwww, it brought tears to my eyes. Is it not the most beautiful story. It is just the way GOD loves us for who we are, doesn’t matter how we look, but he also love us enough to be patient with us as we go through our struggles. He knows we will succeed and get through things. It doesn’t matter what your Health struggle is at the moment, as long as you are trying to work towards a better you, doesn’t matter how long it takes. Always remember you are still loved, you can still be a happy you when your focus is on YOU.


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