The Fear of gaining Weight

Counting how and what you eat

I’ve experienced/noticed lately that I sometimes do starve myself because of my fears of gaining weight every day. I ‘ve read a article in the WomansHealthMagazine where they spoke about having a Eating Disorder…. well as hard as it is to admit, I use to have it. A person sometimes try to justify your actions. I use to curb my hunger by drinking alot of coffee while at work. I just had to admit to myself there is nothing healthy about starving yourself. Eating a bowl of porridge in the morning, snack on a apple and banana, maybe eating a piece of chicken or two boiled eggs for lunch. When it’s supper time I’m too scared to eat a plate of food and replace it with three table spoons of oats porridge.

Eat Healthy everyday

I am not someone who likes fast foods, sweets, chocolates, sodas etc. BUT my coffee addiction is just as bad.

I do strive to live a Healthy and Nutritious lifestyle everyday. That’s why it is so important to know what I eat everyday and how I eat. So, counting the nutritional intake everyday works much better, because I experience less Headaches , dizziness.

One of the reasons I decided to take action and admit to my Eating Disorder is because it had a impact on my daily exercise routine. I would come home feeling dizzy and having headaches because I didn’t eat right whole day. Being a mother and wife, coming home getting ready to make food, see that my son’s needs are met, also my husband’s and the house needs too. Then I have to look at time management as I need to fit in my workout, update some blogging….. and it is quite challenging Most of the time.

So what do anxious Mandy do… drink a cup of tea to get in some sugar and 15min later jump on to my exercise mat and do some workouts. Well nothing about that sound right…

It isn’t always easy just to admit to your wrongs like this all the time, but that’s what I want to do, I want to share my experiences to everyone out  there and show people no one is perfect, but as long as you admit, take action, make a good change in your life then there is nothing wrong.

We need to start realising how important our health is, checking our health status regularly and just take that small steps everyday to better ourselves.



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