Motivate and Not Intimidate

The Challenge of expressing yourself

I’ve always been someone who cares alot of how I look, how I carry myself out there.. managing my weight and trying to stay fir from a very young age.

As I grew older I’ve learnt more of what it really is to live a healthy lifestyle, by following popular Health experts, Health Magazines, Health Blogs ect. Especially after becoming a mommy ūüôā

I love helping others, especially women. It can be quite challenging as I am experiencing it more lately because I decided to make this my career. I only speak out of experience and I think when you get advice from people who has experience in something it is worth listening and to get inspired. However, not everyone see things or life the way I do. People, mostly friends and worst of all even family don’t really want to listen to what you have to say when it comes to giving advice or even just sharing your wonderful experience of becoming a better person.

I get answers like: it’s not my thing, I’m not really interested in that stuff, I don’t exercise..¬†¬†At work people watch what you eat too, someone saw me eating weetbix porridge as a afternoon snack, as I answered¬†“yes I know it looks weird but I like having it as a snack” This person actualy got offended and told me I don’t have to¬†show off with my snack. But I don’t get offended by what they have to say, deep down I still believe I can make a change and won’t stop trying and won’t stop being me. ¬†I can name so many. They’ll tell you “you’re doing good” “you look good” but they don’t really care what you have to say, just because they know me??? Lol Soon I am going to start my studies to become a professional and I am excited to make a good change in others lives.

But I know somewhere out there is that one person who gets inspired, who wants to make a good change towards  Healthy  Living. My goal is to Inspire, Motivate, Share, Express and help others achieve their Health Goals.

So lets stay Fit and Healthy at Home!!!

Keep Well and Stay Awesome



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