Exercise Backup -Plan

I’ve been sick with sinus and flu for almost 2weeks. So what happens … No Exercise! Believe me, not exercising atleast 3times a week freaks me out. The reason for that is because I am afraid of losing out and my biggest fear is gaining weight.

So why am I scared? Am I not a disciplined person when eating?

Well, yes I am. The only problem is that I’ve experienced when I’m not exercising, my appetite changes. I feel like eating more than usual and crave for foods I normally don’t eat. Also keep in mind the fact that I still eat normal foods I love, like rice and pastas. I simply refuse to live on shakes and leaves only. And I do check my centimetres around my waist, hips and thighs such times and believe me there is a difference. Call me crazy but when one has a goal… you out to reach it!  Therefore I’ve scratched out what was once my Too lazy to workout-plan.. The Electronic AbSolution 360

My Personal Opinion

I personally do not like being bigger than a certain size, my clothes must be certain fit(comfortable, sophisticated, and hot) I believe each woman must walk with confidence and be proud of herself. Find what works for you and feel good about yourself. We are different but everyone is unique and beautiful.

What works for me may not work for you, but Healthy Living is what it is. So atleast try, it’s Worth it.



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