Living Healthy is more than clean eating and Exercise

How Healthy Living changed me

I can tell so much  I don’t know where to start…

When I realised I am fooling myself was when my body started to tell and show me I am going wrong. I used to be a wine lover and with it comes the cigarette. Many people will say there is nothing wrong with a glass of wine… let me tell you there is, especially if you’re a saved Christian.

My struggle and Breakthrough

I use to take a glass of wine not only to take stress and anxiety away, but also to curb my appetites to not gain weight. My other bad habit was to smoke as I was never a permanent smoker. I can remember how good it felt at that moment, one glass become two and then I don’t eat or exercise. The next day I will be filled with regrets and guilt. But one never learn when you’re blinded with your struggle. I started to gain weight like never before and ate alot of junk food. I was feeding my problem by not solving it. My clothes started to not fit, I didn’t like looking at myself and every time I smoked, it felt like my lungs was paining. I was always tired and craved eating more for food that’s unhealthy.

I never liked diets and because my goal is to become a health expert, I know about health alot because of research. But believe me, when you’re caught up in a unhealthy lifestyle you’re trying everything but what’s  right  LoL .. I even tried crashed diets uhm.. pure nonsense.

Brendan  McCarthy came to my rescue, and it may sound weird but it’s like God worked through him. Ever since I read his 7day Jumpstart book and tried it, my outlook on healthy living changed. I implemented and I’ve never felt so clean. I started to exercise everyday and I stopped drinking wine and obviously smoking. I connected with God with not only a pure heart, but a clean temple. No more regrets and no more guilt feelings.

I am a happy Healthy and Fit Woman of God



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