Exercise Backup -Plan

I’ve been sick with sinus and flu for almost 2weeks. So what happens … No Exercise! Believe me, not exercising atleast 3times a week freaks me out. The reason for that is because I am afraid of losing out and my biggest fear is gaining weight.

So why am I scared? Am I not a disciplined person when eating?

Well, yes I am. The only problem is that I’ve experienced when I’m not exercising, my appetite changes. I feel like eating more than usual and crave for foods I normally don’t eat. Also keep in mind the fact that I still eat normal foods I love, like rice and pastas. I simply refuse to live on shakes and leaves only. And I do check my centimetres around my waist, hips and thighs such times and believe me there is a difference. Call me crazy but when one has a goal… you out to reach it!  Therefore I’ve scratched out what was once my Too lazy to workout-plan.. The Electronic AbSolution 360

My Personal Opinion

I personally do not like being bigger than a certain size, my clothes must be certain fit(comfortable, sophisticated, and hot) I believe each woman must walk with confidence and be proud of herself. Find what works for you and feel good about yourself. We are different but everyone is unique and beautiful.

What works for me may not work for you, but Healthy Living is what it is. So atleast try, it’s Worth it.



Living Healthy is more than clean eating and Exercise

How Healthy Living changed me

I can tell so much  I don’t know where to start…

When I realised I am fooling myself was when my body started to tell and show me I am going wrong. I used to be a wine lover and with it comes the cigarette. Many people will say there is nothing wrong with a glass of wine… let me tell you there is, especially if you’re a saved Christian.

My struggle and Breakthrough

I use to take a glass of wine not only to take stress and anxiety away, but also to curb my appetites to not gain weight. My other bad habit was to smoke as I was never a permanent smoker. I can remember how good it felt at that moment, one glass become two and then I don’t eat or exercise. The next day I will be filled with regrets and guilt. But one never learn when you’re blinded with your struggle. I started to gain weight like never before and ate alot of junk food. I was feeding my problem by not solving it. My clothes started to not fit, I didn’t like looking at myself and every time I smoked, it felt like my lungs was paining. I was always tired and craved eating more for food that’s unhealthy.

I never liked diets and because my goal is to become a health expert, I know about health alot because of research. But believe me, when you’re caught up in a unhealthy lifestyle you’re trying everything but what’s  right  LoL .. I even tried crashed diets uhm.. pure nonsense.

Brendan  McCarthy came to my rescue, and it may sound weird but it’s like God worked through him. Ever since I read his 7day Jumpstart book and tried it, my outlook on healthy living changed. I implemented and I’ve never felt so clean. I started to exercise everyday and I stopped drinking wine and obviously smoking. I connected with God with not only a pure heart, but a clean temple. No more regrets and no more guilt feelings.

I am a happy Healthy and Fit Woman of God


When you hear Healthy..

I was thinking this whole week, what’s the idea people get the moment they hear HEALTH.

I always hear I eat too little, I exercise too much (15min a day hehehe) or I am crazy or a freak. I always just laugh as this comments is from people who have 100 excuses not to live Healthy. It is not starvation, it’s simply looking after yourself, the temple of God.

I only cut out foods I think is not good for me. I’m not a lover for sweet stuff and fast foods is a big NO on my list. My nutrients I try to balance daily by eating the right foods and portions. I hate diets because I LOVE good food, so I still eat my pastas and rice. However I exercise regularly and eat one solid meal daily, meaning porridge as my breakfast , apple and banana  as morning snack ; a piece of chicken with rice and vegetables for lunch (my solid meal for the day); snack on biscuit for afternoon; and supper I always choose two/three tablespoons of oats porridge. It all depends on how we cook for the week so sometimes my solid meal is supper  time, there is no need to cook my food separately. This way works for me and I am happy, my BMI is just right and therefore I continue doing it my way.

Find what works for you, if you need to see a doctor please do so. Everyone is different, we have different body shapes, appetites and lifestyles and that’s why it is so important to find what works for you. 

Happiness is a choice


what do you consider Healthy

I’m a 29 years old wife and mom, my height is 1.56cm and weight 58kg. My BMI is healthy, I do not love fast foods however I do eat pizza and biltong once a month. My way of treating myself hehehe.


I do recommend exercise as a Must. I do 15minute to 30 minute workouts 3 to 4 times a week. The 15minute workouts helped me a lot. I do the  Woman’s Health’s DVD’s exercises  they give with their magazines, I love Stacie Clark! I started doing the workouts 5 to 6 times a week because it’s only 15minutes. My body never felt and looked better!


My advice I share on my fb page m.Facebook.feelfreewithme.com is simply of own experience. I tried all the easy ways out and trust me if you don’t eat healthy and exercise  regularly you will have weight and health problems for the rest of your life. If you diet you’ll lose your weight but you’ll gain it back and will repeat dieting. Eat healthy and exercise.


What’s Healthy

According to me you need to see to it to get in all your nutrients your body needs daily, so break it up into the foods you like. Don’t starve yourself, if you’re hungry eat to prevent unhealthy cravings like hot chips, sodas ect. Eating healthy can be so much fun and with exercise so much easier. Eating take always like burgers and chips is so not necessary and believe me does so much harm to your health.

Enjoy life Healthily